1. T

    Binaripex - indicator for binary options on Metatrader4

    The full version of the indicator for binary options trading. I installed it on Metatrader4 and configured it to send signals to my phone. As soon as a signal comes to the phone, I open a trade on binary options. I am sharing the full version of the indicator and I will be glad if someone writes...
  2. D

    Forget Forex and change to Options?

    Hello everybody, because of recent experiences i think about changing to a "normal, serious broker" and trade intraday options/zertifikates on indices and commodities than dealing with all those bucket shop like Forex brokers. It seems that none of this broker wants winning clients. It...
  3. S

    Services Offered Options you like to invest in?

    In the giant world of Cryptos, there are many options that we could look at to invest, so I like to know few names that you could consider truly worth it. As far I am concern, it is definitely Zapcoin, BSV, and others to look at. Thankfully, I am using ChangeNow Crypto Exchange, which means...
  4. GCOption

    GC Options [news, contests, bonuses] | $10 Minimum Deposit | Refunds Up to 10% of the Loss

    GC Option: Advanced WebTrader GC Option has been in business since 2013. The project started out as a standalone binary options trading service offered by the Forex broker Grand Capital. Later, due to the high demand of the audience interested in option trading exclusively, as well as a number...
  5. jabba666

    Trading exotic currency options

    Hello everyone, I have a question, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Where can I trade options with non major and exotic currency pairs? I am having a hard time finding this. Thanks
  6. CryptoPopo

    Google will ban ads regarding ICO starting June?

    I got info that Google are going to ban ads related to coins starting June. I believe that this will decrease the price of coins significantly. Not sure yet, but does anyone have more information? If so, I'd rather sell all my coins before June.
  7. D

    New Forex Stuff Free eBooks for Stock, Forex and Options Trading

    Hi Traders, I have updated my trading ebooks page. You can download most of the free trading ebooks directly. Here is the link: Free Trading eBooks for Stock, Forex and Option Traders