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    Optionstarsglobal /SCAM

    Hello, I can share following (bad) experiences with optionstarsglobal.com I opened an account there to trade binary options. I am a trader since 2010, so I would call myself an advanced trader. When I got the "obligatory" call from one of their account managers (he introduced hisself as James...
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    OptionStars Global Scam and Fraud

    Hi everyone! I have read almost all the threads on Optionstars Global and I can relate to everything. What I get out of this is a bunch of sad and lost souls. Is there anyone that got help? In my case I took €30k in bonuses after €50k fundings. One time I got €2.500 in withdraw after a promise...
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    Beware of optionstarsglobal.com

    4 weeks ago I opened an account with $250.00 Cdn and despite battling a large spread differential I brought my account up to $783.40 at which time I put in a withdrawal for $750.00 they said 5-7 Business days. On the 8th day I contacted them and they said they would get back to me. Finally...
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    OptionStarsGlobal - Almost apparent

    Hi. Two days ago you had a new section folder of RESOLVED cases which I now can't seem to see. In that folder, i read a review by a certain user Lostmoneyallofit. I read that post several times, because it is an exact replica of my situation with OptionStarsGlobal. The systematic luring up to...
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    Option Stars Global

    I was scammed $23,000 by this Company. Complained to Cysec in January 2017. Then a Senior Account Manager contacted me to "Recover" the Account. Profits $6,000 in 2 months, & Bonus in the Account. Asked for a Withdrawal of $1,000 per month. He agreed. Submitted my Withdrawal Request...
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    OptionStars Global is a SCAM broker!!!!

    OptionStars Global is a SCAM broker. They stole my money and I'm in the process of trying to get it back. I was a GOLD member with over 10,000 Euros in my account when they closed it because I want a 10,000 Euros withdraw. They said Gold members get same day withdrawals which is BS because my...
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    Option Stars/ Option Stars Global – Be aware! The Wolves of Tel Aviv are now in Europe!

    The story started with a course found on a marketing website in Norway regarding binary option investment opportunities. The company that was selling this course is a Dutch company located in Utrecht. Name TRADING ACADEMY B.V. Member State NL VAT Number NL 855284419B01 Address KERKSTEEG 00001...
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    OptionStarsGlobal.com binary lawless scam

    My Case is: Option Stars (Global) ignored my requests for withdraw. But instead of solve that, they stolen $42,260 CAD from my account and suspended my Account having remaining balance of $10,800 CAD with no any reason and written explanation. I’ve got call from Anastasia (she is new there)...
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    Optionstarsglobal (website optionstarsglobal.com

    I have been unable to withdraw my funds from option stars (also known as optionstarsglobal).I Have made deposits totaling US$3,050, I have profits of about $5,500 and bonuses of $2,450. I was tricked into accepting the bonuses, the horrendous conditions attached to them were not explained to...