1. O

    Join forces against OptionsXO

    Hello everyone, I have been scammed by OptionsXO few months back and I have my story here in the thread below. I have reached a dead end with my banks. I am looking for other people who have been scammed by optionsXO to join forces together and possibly work with a international lawyer such as...
  2. E


    By Option XO's representative (Matt Gordon and their so called trainer John Buyer) I was persuaded to open an account; they made me invest $200 and start trading. being a naive, I believed and did exactly what I was asked to do, however as a result lost my money and what ever was left in the...
  3. S

    OPtionsXO: Deposit Only

    Just thought I'd give everybody a heads up. I'm convinced OptionsXO is a straight up crooked outfit. Here's the short story. -Invested $100, brought it to $2700 in about a week. -My available balance for withdrawal was only $1753. Nobody would tell me why. -After 2 weeks of futily trying to...
  4. K

    I have been scammed by Options XO

    Just want to add my 2 cents worth here regarding Options XO. I was talked into depositing $10000.00 (this is after an initial $1000.00 deposit) by the guy that calls himself Patrick Green. (he has come up here before) Despite having quite limited English, he was very persuasive (at least to a...
  5. M


    Martyn Green 29/10/15 Registered at optionsxo, made 2000£ deposit, made some profit £ 1,500, decided that I want to withdraw profit on my bank account. Withdrawal of my deposit back on my credit card was quick. Problems arose with the withdrawal of profit, I put the withdrawal amount and a few...
  6. S

    My funds gone from my OptionsXO account

    Hi, I have recently been duped by a 'broker' with the binary options 'company', OptionsXO. I had deposited over a number of months a princely sum to my account, however my first broker apparently was sacked and was replaced by someone who I class as a criminal. His only interest, when phoning me...
  7. E

    optionsxo scam alert

    hey guys, first time here and first scam deposited $250 and traded myself up to $7,199.00 (after a $1350,00 refund as broker Peter Shaw traded me down to almost nothing) and tried a $2500 withdrawal and it was denied, Sam Melnik called me to propose a $5000 insured contract as I had the...
  8. C


    I have been trading with this broker for over 11 months now and besides having to be called to invest more all the time I have finally seen them for exactly who they are. Since the 25 of August I have been requesting to withdraw funds from my account to no avail. The broker that has been...
  9. D

    optionsxo.com unauthorized withdrawlsnon credit card

    Optionsxo.com keeps making withdrawls from my credit card without my permission. I keep asking them to returned it and they tell me it will be between 24 and 48 hours and never do it. Stay way from www.optionsxo.com they will steal all your money.
  10. T

    OptionsXO.....rogue traders

    I'd like to start a thread and submit a case to Court. Here's my story so far. I joined OptionsXO around Feb 2016 after being talked into it by the smooth 'John Swift'. Before I go on we all know that the names these guys come up with are bogus....yes? Anyway, John Swift persuaded me to put...
  11. H

    OptionsXO is a total SCAM,Let's get together and hunt them down!!!

    I opened an account with OptionsXO April of 2015. 271656 12/03/15 21:17 Deposit Wire 1,000.00 275010 30/03/15 21:12 Deposit Credit Card (5025) 3,000.00 276970 08/04/15 22:57 Deposit Wire 18,000.00 I was assigned to a broker by the name of Lance Jayes and someone called Ryan Fox...
  12. A


    I have MT4 account with OptionsXo / Omni Capital Ltd and was trading with them since Feb'2016, invested 100k USD and my current account balance is 2million USD, was able to withdraw 29k USD on 1st Sep'16 and since then company is not properly responding & NOT sending any money back. The only...
  13. maduet

    How OptionsXO robbed me of 5k

    In February 2016 I "invested" $6k with OptionsXO, after my account manager (Tony Nino) had offered to trade on my account, taking insured trades only and promising me a steady growth of my capital. In the beginning all went well, I was even able to withdraw $1k without any hassles (though I know...
  14. O


    I opened an account with OptionsXO April of 2015. I was assigned to a broker by the name of Mark Browne. He convinced me to deposit $3000 US. He made some trades, won some and lost some. He then convinced me to deposit more, and so I did. We come to a point in July of 2015, where he calls me and...
  15. W

    Optionsxo .....??

    In Febuary this year I put a fair wack of money into a managed account with Optionsxo. I thought it looked ok . Sucked in. I was in contact with a person who called himself Jack Taylor. Everything seemed to be going ok and got a small amount back when I asked for it. I was handed over to John...
  16. S

    OptionsXO Brokerage

    I have been having trouble with this broker. Anyone else? I have tried e-mailing their support but I get absolutely no response. Alan