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    Price manipulation By OptionTrade (by HotForex)

    I am having issues with Optiontrade, their platform is making me lose money, i have complained the several times but still they are not to ready address the issue. In the end i have lost all i deposited. I had been complaining every time i made loss because of the price difference but they...
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    Resolved - Optiontrade Affiliate commission Big Problem !

    Hello there, I have generated $1500 in Feb by doing affiliate job for Optiontrade. They promised to pay the commisison on 15th, but unfortunately its on Sat, so that everything would be processed on 17th. They informed me in 2 days, my commission will be paid. But until now, 21th, they do pay...
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    Many problems with My.optiontrade.com by HOTFOREX

    Many problems involving Hotforex new option trade platform with plenty of evidences documented to help everyone make better decision about trading with them. The problems are: 1. Changing trading function to make you easier to lose. 2. Scamming and misleading bonus scheme 3. Incompetent...