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    My name is Torstein Nilsson, I made the deposit of 1K, my profit was 3K , put 1K withdraw back on my card, with some difficulty, but the approved it... Then I've put withdrawal of my profit (3K EURO) on my bank ,and suddenly my account has been blocked. I've called them many many times, and...
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    OptionsXO SCAM !!

    I opened account with OptionsXO in Apr 2015 and decided not to operate with them in Nov 2015. As a consequence I requested withdrawal online on 9 Nov 2015. However, they canceled 7 out of 8 withdrawal requests. Guess what happened to the only 1 "successful" withdrawal request? The money $620.00...
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    OptionXo Refusal To Pay Since 27November 2014

    Hello, I joined optionxo and made a deposit of $100 which happens to be the minimum deposit on September 7th 2014, i traded for few months and made some profit then decided to withdraw my funds. I requested a withdrawal of $340 dollars in November, $100 refund to my credit card and $240 as...