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    FXOpen buy stop executed without price touch the assigned amount

    MT4 BUY STOP with the following details from MT4 journal: 2015.08.05 20:00:02.170 '880169': pending order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD was modified -> price: 1.09328 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 2015.08.05 20:24:17.260 '880169': order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD at 1.09328 activated at...
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    Pending Orders - Set and Forget

    Hi all, I have a busy job so trading during the day is out for me. I am looking for a system / strategy whereby I can enter pending orders either at night or early morning that are triggered during the day. Has anyone used such a strategy successfully? Is there a strategy or website I can...