pheonix us

  1. pero2247

    Got scammed by a broker called Boris Antonov, company Pheonixus

    After Invested 11 000 USD ( beg Feb-20) and earned 5000 USD whit a lot of troubles as he was trading enormously risky losing 12000 usd in one operation as he left no margin, I tried to withdraw earnings. He immediately start opening and closing position where in one minute he lost/stole 9000 usd...
  2. A

    Got scammed by a broker called Oliver Hansen, company Pheonixus

    I want to report this company and this broker. Oliver traded at an enormous risk at my account and put me in a situation to invest more or to accept the loss of everything. He shouldn't have traded at that risk without my consent. There I saw a shakedown, manipulation and blackmail. I invested a...