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    Cheated by your broker/con artist/crypto scam? Consult with us for free and get your money back!

    We know scammers inside out. Contact us and see if you qualify to get your money back! About Us: Phoenix Advisors was first founded in United Kingdom back in February 2015. We decided to set up our company in UK. When we were opening our company it was easier for us to operate,and live in UK...
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    Information about multiple brokers

    Dear Sirs and Madams, In this article we would like to mention multiple brokers which have ongoing Prosecutor’s investigation against them. Our company is currently representing clients in these ongoing investigations by one of the Prosecutor’s Offices in Poland against these particular...
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    Looking for Vortex Assets/MIB700/CFD1000/Newtradefx victims - criminal case taking place in Poland

    Dear Sirs and Madams, Introduction: My name is Marcin Iglicki and I am the Co-Founder and one of the managing directors of Phoenix Advisors Sp. Z o.o. (LTD), located in Poland. Some of you might know about us from the big thread about our company that you can find under this link on this forum...
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    Info Phoenix Advisors Limited

    I recently posted a thread about being scammed by Banc de Binary. I have since received an email from Phoenix Advisors Limited offering their services to help recover the money lost. The cost (they say) is 20% of the monies that I successfully reclaim from Banc de Binary. Otherwise there is no...