1. F

    Bitbom is a SCAM! https://uswinbit.com/ allwinbit.com / www.hiwinbit.com (Cryptoscam)

    This page is a bloody scam, they use dating apps to get to you, normally with asian girls profiles, the first thing they ask you its your whatsapp, (of course they are fake profiles so, they put any excuse about why they dont have instagram, or facebook, but anyways, one you already start...
  2. "Baby"

    DeCurret Pro (www.decurretpro.com or www.h5.decurretpro.com)

    DeCurret Pro, not to be confused with the real DeCurret Inc., lured me through a man named "Kyle" who posing as a potential suitor on a dating website called Hinge. He got me to stop using Hinge by suggesting we text each other and then we also moved to WhatsApp. My scammer spent many days for...
  3. M

    Orangex Scam (http://www.orangexbtc.cn/)

    Not a lot of info is posted about this website. It's a fake crypto investment platform headquartered in Singapore but incorporated in Seychelles (note that given this information is true, both Singapore and Seychelles are known for offshore banking sites). orangexbtc.cn/ They will ask you for...