plus 500

  1. GBBBB

    Problem Plus500 Freeze my account and said all trading accounts are being reviewed

  2. N

    Problem Plus500 - withdrawal problem

    Dear friends, I have issue with Plus500. Last night I've accumulated quite big amount through Bitcoin options. I wanted to withdraw part of money today, but I noticed that withdrawal options are blocked. I contacted with customer service as suggested, they said that my account need veryfication...
  3. jonatkin13

    Problem Plus500 Failure to Return Client Monies

    Further to some existing examples. Plus500 have randomly imposed a withdrawal restriction on my account. I am a long time account holder with a verified payment method that I used for multiple historic deposits and withdrawals. The current withdrawal functionality restriction has been...
  4. J

    Problem plus500 deposit problem started 2/18/2021

    Anyone else or have previously experienced DEPOSIT problems with +500 broker? I deposit/withdraw often, now im thinking they are just trying to annoy me for that reason, i can imagine they are making more money when traders keep their funds on the platform. Right now 5 days passed, they tell me...
  5. J

    Problem plus500 scalping

    hi all, can positions held overnight be flagged as scalping by plus500? if so, how many overnights would you recommend to stay safe from they flagging you as a scalper? greetings!!
  6. D


    Dear community, I am involved in a dispute with the platform PLUS500 that is a real scam. Look at my story: I opened an account in march and tried trading on OIL but after I entered their dynamic spread was suddenly higher and this didn't allow me to conduct hedging as positions never closed...
  7. M

    Resolved: Plus 500 - Account is being reviewed

    I have apr 15K USD in my Plus 500 account and out of the blue I received a message that my account is under review (since May 13th). I have tried to communicate my problems towards Plus 500 support but all I receive is canned messages that they will get back to me soon. I have uploaded all...
  8. Kehao1987

    About plus 500

    Hello Chia, This ticket (#5276270) has been updated and your action is required. Please be informed that should we not receive your response within 2 days, the ticket will be marked as solved. Regards, Plus500 Customer Support Evelina Moravenova, May 12, 2020, 2:28:17 PM GMT+3: Dear Chia...
  9. Nickpenev

    Problem Plus500 Scam Account Terminated Total Loss Over $100,000

    I have been trading with Plus500 since 2018. I have deposited over $200,000 and I have lost around $100,000 until I found a winning strategy this year. Once I started profiting from Plus500 they restricted my account last week and cancel my last withdrawal. Yesterday, they terminated my account...
  10. jacobdalegrieh

    Problem Plus500 - Oil Options, the biggest mistake ever.

    Afternoon all, Now let’s begin with this short story. I’m not trading much and Oil is looking like a straddle so I have regretfully for the first time ever opened a Put and call at the strike rate of 12.5 with Plus500. I was short of having 50 call options to match my 200 Put options, but that...
  11. Todoimaginario

    Resolved - Plus500 blocked my account after profits

    I am looking for help online about what Plus500 is doing with my account. I hope you guys can help me. I have been trading with Plus500 for over a year now. I never had any issues with them. I had larger losses than profits during this time, but last week I managed to make some really big...
  12. Dheeraj Wadhwani

    Plus 500 scam

    Everyone who has been scammed by this company should unite and file a lawsuit against this company I lost $140,000 due to their fraud , I keep clicking on close a trade but the app kept rejecting it and within seconds the balance went to $0 it just did not close the order I’m 100% certain...
  13. P

    Problem plus500 rollover scam on WTI OIL

    I will start by saying that I didn't have any position during this event and I'm not sure if this is a scam or just dishonest contract writing. So, on 17 April 22h the oil (WTI) is at $19 and quoted as well by plus500 at $19. Next hour its quoted by plus500 at $26. Apparently, some folks at...
  14. D


    I registered an affiliate account with plus500 on 4 April 2019, which my account was only approved in July. In August I started getting them traffic, in September when they have to pay, they send me an email saying my traffic was unclear which i found very strange as the traffic came through the...
  15. M

    Plus500 scammers - Resolved

    Hello all, I have been having an issue with Plus500. They refuse to pay my profit out. I have created an account with, they have AFSL #417727 issued by ASIC. I thought this was enough to assure me they are trustworthy. I have verified my account and everything was accepted and...
  16. M

    Problem Plus500 account balance waived

    Hi, I have an account with Plus500Cy. Ltd. I've been trading depositing and withdrawing funds withaout any problem since account oppened in march 2018. On the 5th of July when Ie passed a withdrawal request after three days it has been cancelled and I've received a message that my account is...
  17. S

    Plus500 scam alert

    I registered with Plus500 affiliates a month back. Today I received an email stating that I was involved with the traders which I was not I only do promotions on the website they approve, they are only sending me this email because they are suppose to pay me in the next coming 3 days. I send...
  18. M

    Problem PLUS500 Scam Affiliate

    Hello i wanna show what happens if you start working as affiliate with plus500 when you start refer traffic from landing page and tracking pixel so they could recognize where traffic comes from this is what happens....they havo to monitor you traffic for others 60 days..... and of course after...
  19. T

    Problem Plus500 rigged trade closures...

    Please let me know your opinion on this situation/occurance, any advise on what I can do will be much appreciated. Plus500 Rigged my trades... One thing to start with before I begin talking about my experiences, with plus500. I have noticed a few red flags that slowly grew to my attention...