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    PlusFn scam?

    PlusFn is a slow scammer,BEWARE!I started trading with them in a managed scheme ,run by brothers Raz & John Axlerod,in July 2014,who claimed to be trading large accounts ,over US$50K,but had decided to allow smaller traders like me to join in a combined fund,where all the small accounts of US$5K...
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    Plus fn

    PLUS FN, SCAMMMM If you get a call from a Raz or John Axelrod HANG UP !!! I didn't and got SCAMMED for $150 K Aussie, These pinheads work out of ISRAEL but tell you its UK based,Anyway l hope this thread helps someone.
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    this broker refusing to return my money back ...they try to take the secret information of my credit card to complete scamming too much miss behaving
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