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    Scammed by plustocks

    Beware of these people Frank Herbert, Ryan blue and Abe Reich they have scammed me of my last pension monies I'm from south africa they communicated alot in the beginning via phone and e mail etc when they have your money they trade u see it but your problems start when you want a withdrawal its...
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    GUILTY Case# 2016-197 | ryanf vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: After contacting numerous bodies; FCA, SEC, the gambling commission in the UK, CBSA antifraud centre which finally led me to Jason Roy, senior investigator with the Manitoba Securities...
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    Plustocks scam. Over $20,000 US in unauthorized transactions and refusal to withdraw funds.

    I initially deposited $12,000 US with Plustocks at the end of April, 2016 after a friend had been dealing with Plustocks for a few months. My dealings started with Edward Barnes and Leo Bowman. I had agreed to put the money on short term contracts dealing with oil. Oil prices were still...