1. Cadriana

    Porter Finance is a scam

    Since last October 2016 i try to close my account with Porter Finance not a big balance 360 euro They told me they had technical difficulties and could not pay me back the way i deposited my account through Neteller. After sending my wire details over and over again and proof of address and ID...
  2. C

    PorterFinance Withdrawal Delay

    Hello. At this point I'm another person who has withdrawals problems with PorterFinance. This is what is happening. On 23/02/2016 I opened an account with PorterFinance and deposit 230€ via Neteller. On 28/04/2016 I made a withdrawal request of 75€ which was approved after more than 3 weeks. On...
  3. metacafe321

    Porterfinance.com not Giving back my money

    Hello, I opened account with porterfinance 4 months ago and deposited $200 in it and after sometime I decided to withdraw amount and requested withdrawal of $150 but it has been more then 40 days since I made request my withdrawal is still showing processing Whenever I mail them they make...
  4. mbreitfelder

    Problem Porter Finance

    I have an issue, I have a brokerage account with Porter Finance and I was trading 4/30/16 and my trading winnings were $2.8 million USD. They took that money back due to a "system failure". Their vendor for their trading web site is XXXXX and they would not let any kind of "system failure"...
  5. S

    Resolved - Porter Finance SCAM

    I invested 250$ with Porter Finance a month ago, I lost them by trading, all was good (everywhing is good when you lose money with them), then I have decided to give it another shot, and i deposited another 700$ (big mistake).I traded them and reached a total of 1942 $ in my balance and I have...
  6. P

    Porter Finance is a ripoff!

    Hello, My issue is with Porter Finance. I signed up with a $300 account to try out the platform and on or about June 14, 2016 I received a call from Mr. Zack Robbins, Head of Corporate Division who’s email address is zack.r@porterfinance.com, he told me that he would show me how he could make...
  7. X

    I have been embezzled for in excess of $3,000.00 CAD by Porter Finance and Related Parties

    My account with Porter Finance was opened November 26th, 2015. with a deposit of $1360.00 CAD and a matching bonus by the Company., thereby permitting me to commence trading with $2720.00 CAD. On depositing the funds to Porter Finance, the funds were diverted by Visa to Greymountain Management...
  8. ronin

    Porter Finance not processing withdrawal, hides behind nonstop requests for inapplicable wire info

    I made a request to withdraw profits from my account at Porter Finance on 07/15/2016. I was then contacted on 07/18/2016, via email, with a request for details so they could process the wire transaction. I confirmed all required details with my bank and submitted the information to Porter on the...