price action

  1. STBB_SG

    Price action Analysis for any USD pairs -STBB

    Would like to make use of a new thread to share trading ideas for USD majors! Feel free to share your thoughts as well! Thanks!
  2. Skoljkica

    Gold daily plan and analysis

    Hello to all, I will post here my daily plan and analysis for Gold. Gold is targeting 1842.02/1843.57 where I expect it to find resistance and I will short with 1. target 1833.36 2. target 1826.36 I am watching 1796.71 as next target until the end of the week, possibly Wednesday. It is...
  3. kizir007

    Hello! I am Kizir! New comer here!

    Hello Forex trading community, How is your trading going on? I am kizir from Southbank, Victoria. I wish you all a profitable forex journey. Will you guys share some good forex learning videos with me? I am having trouble with price action trading.
  4. TheForexGuy

    Daily Forex Price Action Commentary by The Forex Guy

    Hey traders, Much respect to Forex Peace Army crew for becoming an authority in many aspects of the Forex industry. I've started this thread with intention of sharing my views/commentary/analysis of various Forex currency pairs with the traders here. A little bit about me, I've been...
  5. TheForexGuy

    Trading Forex with Price Action Strategies - Price Action Market Commentary | The Forex Guy

    Hey guys, I've started a thread here on this epic website to share some of my market commentary and trade ideas. This thread is for those traders who are interested in learning how to approach the market without using 'magic' indicators, robots, complicated charting tools or other...
  6. CFA Trader

    Free video analysis for Crude oil

    Hello traders, I have published fresh longer term video analysis for Crude oil. You can can watch it for free on my website.
  7. ForexSchoolOnline

    Price Action Trading - Keep it Simple

    Price Action trading is not rocket science, it’s just a logical way to trade. Everyone that has been reading these articles and watching these videos for a while now will know this whole site is dedicated to helping traders learn to trade Price Action in the Forex markets. Price Action is one...