prime fms

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    Withdrawal problems with Prime FMS

    Trouble making a Withdrawal from Prime FMS I joined Prime August last year, I made total deposits of US30K. Made a lot of good trades, all was fine until April 30 when I wanted to make a Withdrawal. Since then I tried to phone them, sent around 12 emails and tried to get someone to contact me...
  2. M

    PrimeFMS is scammers First of all 5 months ago i recieved phone calls form one scammer his name is Dr. Yamin Al-Moghrabi and advised me to invest my money in the company and promised me to get 30% profits per month . I depisited $ 5000 and i see my profits in the web site as they promised me. After...
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    PRIMEFMS.COM biggest scammer

    I opened account in forex company named PRIME FMS.COM this company are belong the owner company named W.G.R PROCAPITAL UK LTD. registered in ENGLAND with No.09356619 and address :129 Station Road LONDON HENDON. My account was active at metatrader 4 with good Margin . I deposited about...
  4. W

    Prime fms fraud

    Be extremely careful when dealing with Prime FMS and or Joe Harris from Prime fms, Made a withdrawal of all monies and when put pressure on them to make payment, he went into account and placed a trade and lost all monies within 40 seconds. Let me know if anyone has had such experience as I...
  5. W

    Prime fms no withdrawal paid after 2 months

  6. N

    Prime FMS SCAM

    i deposited about 3000 before, they promise you all kind of things but after you deposited the money they dissapear... especialy when you start to withdraw money like i did... they began to deliberately lose your money... my broker was Joe harris in Dont ever think that youll...
  7. R

    Prime fms a scam company that cheats

    I started delving in Forex trading with a seemingly reputable company PRIME FMS in Oct 2014. During the course of hardly three months I invested 40 ,000 Euros after being conned by a Senior broke rof the company Jeniffer Yang. In requesting withdrawal o f some of my so called 20,000 Euros funds...
  8. A

    Prime FMS Scam

    I presently have a balance of US$10k in my account with Prime FMS which I have been repeatedly requesting to withdraw since 5 Feb 2015. All of my requests however have been ignored. I opened the account with Prime FMS in Aug 2014 after many calls from their representatives assuring me that...
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    Hi, Prime FMS is SCAM. I lost USD 18150/- I have all the facts and figures with me. I have emails sent to Jordan for refund and not to open any trade under my account but still they opened the trades. And all the money was gone. They have taken excess money from my account without my...
  10. L

    Warning PrimeFMS big SCAMMERS 20150125

    All this started in October-14, i opened one account on with 1500Usd. I made some nice profits and now I have 9174,66Usd with my profits. I was contacted by a guy named by Ben Giani and he told us that would be much better to have a bigger account and it would be more money in it...
  11. A SCAM

    Hi, is a scam, do not trade with them. They have defrauded me of 10,000 USD. Has anyone have any similar experiences with them? Please share.
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    After that I have withdrawn my investment of $1000 which they did pay after more than a month of chasing them and after I filed a complaint here in FPA. I was glad that they paid me my deposit in return I will retract my complaint against them. I traded for the next month and already gained more...
  13. Azzaskh

    Prime FMS is scam

    Greetings, Since last May 2015 , I didn't hear or receive any information about my account , I have requested to close the account because I lost the trust of the staff who is responsible to take care of my account and because he had a fight with my friend he decided to not let me know anything...