1. M


    I have an account with PRIORFX. 3 days ago I have received an email from PRIORFX informing their license has been temporarily suspended by CYSEC. I requested a withdrawal but no reply. No reply by email, the Chat don't work. They dont answer to my call phone. I think they dont will pay and...
  2. andrey.pak85

    SCAM PriorFX

    1. May 9, 2016. I appealed to the Esplanade Market Solution company to make an explanation concerning zeroing of my means. On what I did not receive any answers. 2. On May 9 I also wrote the letter, with an explanation of all situation. 3. On August 1 read news that such victims as I much...
  3. BlackViper

    PriorFX: SCAM with evidence

    I am going to find ANY scam broker (that I am able to) out there! The most of them think that they can do anything without anyone uncovering their dark practices!! I made two small deposits in PriorFX - because I noticed that she had taken and two good reviews (probably fake) (total sum...
  4. M

    Priorfx welcomes only lucky traders :) - Stay away from them !

    Dear guys, On 19 of August I traded CAD RETAIL SALES in Priorfx with my mt4 account and here are the details of my complaint: 1) I placed a buy and the price requested at that time was 1.28390, with a spread of 3.5 pips but I was filled at 1.29385. 2) The max on 1m is 1.28851. 3) That means I...