profi forex

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    This company is a scam. They refuse to process my withdrawal. I entered their platform on 2015. In 2019 I am asking my capital and profit and I get one excuse more childish than the other. I am asking the NAME of the person that is answering to me and they refuse to give it. I am asking their...
  2. F withdrawal issues

    I joined today because I have experienced a situation with Profiforex. I've been trading with Profiforex for quite some time but for the last year or so they have completely gone dark. Trading systems are up, but support is almost negligible and withdrawal requests go nowhere. I have one that...
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  4. aznavoj my withdrawal and customer service

    I’ve requested 1,000.00$ a month ago now, it took me three weeks to 500.00 $ of that not sure why I only got 500.00 and not my full 1,000.00 told finance that they made mistake and still waiting, they said that their was a mistake on their end and that it went to another account and that they...
  5. D scam Avoid them at all costs!

    Will force opening of trades at one particular price....not at market and closing of trades at one particular price which is not actual and you will lose with every trade. They will allow normal trading on accounts until you start withdrawing money. I even still have other accounts that...
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    Profiforex is not a scam; A relief at Last

    I have been looking for a very good offshore broker to trade with and when I found Profiforex, there were one or two scam claim on FPA. I was scared at first but went ahead to open a live account. Well, there is no reason for me to be scared anymore because I have been withdrawing my profits...
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    ProfiForex deleting profitable trades from history

    Hello fellow FPA members. I recently opened an account with ProfiForex so I could trade their Pico lots with Forex Envy. All was going fine, until I decided to use my scalping system in conjunction with Envy. I made quite a bit of profit but then I saw that there were many transactions in...
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    ProfiForex problem

    This broker is a scam, after one month trading and winning with them, when I tried to withdraw the gains they changed all my trades, they've stolen all the gains and all the money I put in there. This is the bull**** they have sent to me: You have received this message because our software...
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    Profiforex Is Scam

    I want to make everyone aware that ProfiForex are a thieves and a big scam. Whenever you are profitable and ask for a withdrawal they will go through all your trades and adjust the entry and exit prices. Turn winners into losers and you will end up with a negative balance. They will use excuses...
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    I have had accounts with them since july 2015, on july 24 2016 I put in a refund request. They have not sent me my money yet. I have emailed financial several times with no responds. I emailed the BOSS with no responds. I even got on live chat and now they won't respond. My account # 170901. On...