1. warpfactor7

    Profit Forex Signals (PFXS Ltd) - Ninoslav Golubovic

    I have seen many negative posts going back to 2013 regarding Profit Forex Signals and all seem to conclude during 2017. I have my own story to tell........all backed up by a "wealth" of factual, email material that I am willing to share. My material contains many, many promises of monetary...
  2. R

    Fake results published by Profit Forex Signals

    Hello. I'd like to bring a situation I have faced with the Profit Forex Signal company ( I have signed for an annual contract on the their standard package using trade copier, based on the excellent historical results they have published on their website. On the first...
  3. A

    Resolved by Chargeback - Refund Request from ""

    Hi ForexPeaceArmy, This is Avidd, and I want to ask for your help and assistance re: I registered to their service and availed their 7th year anniversary promo on May 15,2017. I paid for standard account $200 for 1month subscription plus 7months subscription because of...
  4. H

    Resolved ( is this Scam?

    Good day to everyone in this forum especially FPA and all of the good trader here... before i start im a beginner to forex in this case just want to confirm because right now i dont know what should i do before i act. STORY: i want to find a good signal in forex then i saw...
  5. V

    GUILTY Case# 2017-002 | venupasunuri vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Hello Forex Peace Army, This is venu pasunuri iam old customer with, They are lossed my account using autotradecopier of Standard package. I asked CEO of...
  6. V

    Agreed 1000$ not yet added to my account, not doing autotrading by Mr.Ninoslave, profit-forexsignals

    Hello Forex Peace Army, This is venu pasunuri iam old customer with, They are lossed my account using autotradecopier of Standard package. I asked CEO of profit-forexsignals through facebook chat so he agreed for free service then they started autotradecopier service...
  7. N

    profit-forexsignals .com does not copy trade my fx acct and refuses to refund my money

    A PETITION LETTER AGAINST PROFIT-FOREXSIGNALS.COM I, AYEKUNLE AYELEKE {Nigerian Citizen}, hereby wish to submit a petition against for their inability to copy trade my Trader Trust fx account number 600876 effectively and regularly as promised. `I...
  8. R


    19/12/2013 Hello Dear Forex Peace Army Moderators and members! I need your help! Very very much! I was scammed, cheated and lied by Profit Forex Signals (TEAM) or should I say ONE MAN SHOW NINOSLAV GOLUBOVIC. This person from Serbia and his faulty, scammy signal providers and...
  9. zygisxxl

    RESOLVED - Big Profit Forex Signals SCAM!

    Dear Forex Peace Army and Everyone else, I have very big and unacceptable problem with Profit Forex Signals ( Profit Forex Signals ? Best Forex Trading Signals & Indicators Services ), they are fooling me around, wasting my time and they have blown my account of $5170 in 18 days with...
  10. Pharaoh

    Problem ProfitFxSignal false advertising

    I brought this up in other threads, but never got a satisfactory answer. Profit Fx Signal claims to have won a lot of awards on their website. Only the "most transparent forex signals service award" has a link. On December 5th, I asked ProfitFxSignal to provide links to show where they...
  11. A

    Discuss (was

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