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    Program buy&sell orders for indicator signals

    So, i have a simple indicator that gives me buy & sell signals. I need help making an ea that places long orders on buy signals and then closes the long on a sell signal and opens a short. Rinse and repete. Close the short on a buy signal and open a long. I would really appreciate any help on...
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    Metatrader – what can it do?

    Dear forum, I am pretty new to forex and investing in general. A few weeks so far. I have downloaded an indicator for MetaTrader 4 as an .ex4 file – so I have no source code for it. This indicator basically paints some horizontal high/low bars onto my charts So far I have not done any...
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    Services Offered EA programmer -

    Do you want to automate your trading strategy? I have been a professional programmer for 20 years and programming for Metatrader the last 5 years. More info at MR. METATRADER
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    Edgehill Publishing Releases "Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5" Book

    Author Andrew R. Young follows up on his best-selling guide to programming in MQL4, Expert Advisor Programming: Creating Automated Trading Systems in MQL for MetaTrader 4, with a new book on the MetaTrader 5 platform. Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5: Creating Automated Trading...