1. isas saifulu

    Problem PUPRIME.COM took my profit

    Hello EveryOne, Please be aware of this broker, i start work with this broker before a 3 weeks ago and i deposit some money and earn profit, but when i go for withdrawal they removed all profit because they are playing Bonus trick and they ll remove all your profit if you win. they dont want...
  2. M

    Problem PUPRIME - I requested a withdrawal and they removed my profit

    Before a two weeks ago i want to deposit 30k usd to my PuPrime account, but then i deposit only 1k usd just to check first all the things on this broker like deposit withdrawal and commission etc. so i started with 1K USD and they gave me 50% bonus on it 500$, ang then i start trading and open...
  3. N


    Dear Sir, I have USD 8000 in my trading account with Puprime and they have removed all of 8000 USD without any reason, there manager is not responding, their live support is not responding, they have taken away my 8000 USD, there is nothing, please take immediate action against this scam Your...