pwr trade

  1. K

    PWRTrade - scam broker!

    Hi, my story with PWR Trade started in January 2017 with the first initial of 250 USD. The first broker Michael Cooper (fake name) persuaded me to invest more and after some unsuccessful trades he disappeared and was never online again, not answering the e-mails. Then I was contacted by Ramon...
  2. P

    PWR Trade (

    PWR TRADE (Account Manager: Ramon Colins) Initially opened a trading account with them in March 2017 with a minimum of $250. After a couple of month Ramon contacted me saying that I had not made any trades at all. Also the fact that with the minimal deposit, it would take me years to for a...
  3. S

    PWR Trade - Can anyone help me

    My story: I was retrenched at the end of May and had R 180 000 saved (Literally 10 years of savings!). I did a little research on short term investments and PWR Trade came up. While they had a few bad reviews, most were good ...and the investment was only $250 so I went for it. I was hoping to...
  4. AmyCA-G

    pwrtrade - maybe some account managers are better than others?

    My story with this company began pretty much the same as everyone else's: I made an initial deposit, was bullied into making a second, much bigger deposit. Every call I go from every account manager (I went through 3) was focused on getting me to make further deposits (which I flatly refused to...
  5. G

    PWR trading missing on the internet

    I just want to inform all that PWR trading has disappeared from the earth - there was still about $17 000.00 in my account which I have now lost. Karma works with people - so may they all have a terrible life ahead of them and burn in hell!
  6. P

    Pwrtrade thieves

    Hi, I have also been fooled by these thieves. They begged me to deposit my $750 and when I asked for a withdrawal my account manager (Juan Martin) told me it would be approved in 7 days. He just vanished and after reaching out to support countless times I only receive feedback from this Natalia...
  7. A

    It's a fake company they forced me to Deposit funds to start trading and once deposited no account manager contacted me I was being advice a account manager will contact me and assist me in trading I waited send email no replies I wanted to withdraw my money I sent emails n it's two weeks now I...
  8. Andrija

    Help to file case against PWRTRADE

    Hello I am looking for contact and help to file case against PWRtrade.
  9. Gladiator is simply another scammer

    I have opened an account with PWTRADE since August 05, after being contacted by Fadi Al-Haj on 31 July. And I have made further deposits , the latest one was on September 19, 2016 using Master card making $ 2,500 in total. However, as per the Account Types displayed at time of purchase I was...
  10. N

    PWRtrade stole my deposit

    Hello all I am writing to complain about the broker company PWRtrade. I was assigned them when I registered with the Copy Buffett software and deposited the £250 to sign up. Because there was an issue with Copy Buffett synch'ing in with PWRtrade the only thing I could do was to withdraw my...
  11. AL3XK is shady and doesn't payout

    Lets start off by saying this is an unregulated broker THAT WANTS you to lose your money so you don't complaint. If you end up not losing and profiting then good for you, all they do when you withdrawal is approve the amount UP TO your deposit and send that back to your credit card. And REJECT...
  12. S

    pwrtrade withdrawal n false promissory note scam

    Hi every one i would like to draw your attention at the same time warn you of entering into any transaction with my story started when i received a call from Fadi Al Haj, from pwr trade,who was very friendly n polite n insisted that i open my account,with them n they give give me...
  13. T

    PWRTrade is a scam

    My story started when I received a call from PWRTrade on 31 May 2016 by a person called himself “Fadi Al Haj”. He was calling from a telephone # (+447709081087) and he convinced me to register in his company and try Forex Trading. Although I told him that I’ve never traded Forex but I agreed...