r binary

  1. Richard7

    I got scammed by Rbinary

    I got scammed by RBinary! They steal over 12000 EUR from me! They do not responde to my calls, e-mails, they lost all my money. I made all payment with credit card and my bank say chargeback is not possible now. I dont have money for lawyers I did some research and I found out who is owner of...
  2. G

    rbinary.net scam company

    rbinary.net, they r a company that breaks into ur account when u change ur password and give u a new password so as to place trades using most of money without u knowing and without ur permission, all this after i have made a request for withdrawal of funds,,,have contacted them via email which...
  3. K

    My problem with RBINARY

    for me they has stolen $782 this month, they ate the profit and principle as well. damn!!
  4. C

    I am a victim of Rbinary

    I am a victim of Rbinary. They disappeared on me after numerous unexplained transactions. They refused to get in contact with me. Despite me instructing them to completely leave my funds untouched and do refund, they continued to use my funds for their trades. They bluff me that every once a...
  5. N

    Rbinary -scam

    R binary are scam artist that will never payout. They are pro's at getting you to invest and will show a couple of wins to get you hooked but once you try to withdraw funds you will begin to get hurdles. On my first attempt to withdraw is was told that because they had applied some sort of bonus...
  6. G

    RBinary Limited pay withdrawals!

    Good morning, after losing part of my balance in a few minutes in the automatic softwear, I hung the same and asked the rest of my balance on 08/10/2016 at just $ 200, as can be confirmed by checking the file attachments. Upon receiving the bill from my card, I could see that was not made the...
  7. A

    RBinary is SCAM

    Hi guys. In short, I'm dealing with Rbinary since April 2016. Alltogether I invested 28.000 EUR and things went relatively smooth (apart from not telling me that for 10.000 bonus I received I need to reach a volume of 600.000) until Friday 2nd of September. At that Time I had 135k on my account...