1. mahadzira_al_baqi

    RAPIDGCX Hold My Deposit Over 7 Months No Refund

    Hello everyone admin and mod plus all the members. First "RGCX did not verified my account for month then after i unsubscribe they hold my money for months" I have request unsubscribe for all three account there for over 6-7 month now but they still hold my money and do not entertaint my...
  2. mahadzira_al_baqi

    RGCX Forex brokerage company based in PANAMA SCAM or Not SCAM ?

    I have doubt in RGCX operation since all the uppermost important rules and regulation including policys and such related must have document is not ready yet but they start recruiting investor from all over the world mostly in southeast asia mainland Indonesia and Malaysia Singapore and Brunei...
  3. A

    RapidGCX.com (Rapid Gold and Currency Exchange)

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