recovery room scam

  1. sh12zz

    Problem Do white hackers exist for romance scams?

    I posted my concerns about romance scams on Reddit. After that someone messaged me. I received a message saying, “I am a white hacker.” After the conversation, “Add sufficient funds to your personal wallet and then proceed by providing the scammer’s information. “If successful, you will have to...
  2. S

    Info Has anyone heard of or used Ayla Recoup to help recover $ from a scammer?

    Was wondering if anyone has experience with Ayla Recoup ( to help them recover scammed funds. I would love to hear about your experience. I'm trying to recover profits from a scam site. Trust Pilot has all positive reviews. Thanks a million! Literally!!
  3. 5

    Problem Beware - old scams never die!

    Old Scams never die. I lost USD$178K about 6 years ago to a binary options scam run by (see earlier postings in FPA). The slimeballs who ran this are still using my historic losses to try and scam more money out of me - by claiming they has found my money and its...
  4. Dianaray22

    I need advice about - Is it a recovery room scam? (thread by multis spamming for and scam)

    Hello I really need a honest advice I lost some money to Xm and I’ve been so frustrated so basically I’ve been seeing reviews about bodde,pro and their recovery abilities and I’m currently in contact with them I really want to know if anyone has an experience with them please I need an advice
  5. FXBO

    Problem Possible Recovery Room Scam About A Company Claiming To Help Victims Of BinaryBook

    Hi members of the "FPA", A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a man called "Jacob Morgan", not his real name for sure and he claimed I was owed money from "BinaryBook's" scam. Now there is plenty of coverage on the net about this case and Mr Morgan stated I was owed about $6,000 in the form of...
  6. TomScheers - scammers

    adoyleforensic-ltd / A Doyle Forensic-ltd / are scammers. I DO NOT HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS COMPANY!!! It started on Whatsapp with this number +1 (859) 904- 9498 a person told me he could help me to recover my money from a fake broker. I am very careful after my...
  7. J

    Info Has anyone heard of Global Wealth Recovery?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of Global Wealth Recovery.
  8. Williamslee

    Ian there anything like recovery from forex scams

    Hello friends out there this is my first time on this site I lost some funds to an online broker and I’ve been seeing reviews about help@refundback dot org on review sites and google i want to know if they are real or just some other scam
  9. M

    Individual user Bruce scammed me using

    Hello. an individual (no site, no mail, only WhatsApp number) scammed me after I had being scammed by a fraudulent crypto website). Looking for help from FPA. Thanks
  10. Ecnarwal90

    Global Finance Rescue

    Hi. I want to know if Global Finance Rescue is a legit company? Someone name Linda Garner contacted me about the fund they recovered from OptionStar. Saying my fund been used into bitcoin. And she send me a link to to convert the money into my bank account. Only is she requested me...
  11. bellakay


    Please beware of this individual who goes by Charles Robinson aka Samuel Dodson cryptorecoveryexperts via gmail and bitcoinretrievalgenius via gmail and 9736029881 or 9175638226. I was provided screenshots of Blockchain Council credentials and client convos and successful recovered bitcoin...
  12. L

    Is a real recovery agent

    I started forex long before my retirement and I've lost so much to this investment scheme ...I really need a valid advice because I came across this recovery company- who has proffered help in recovering about £150,000 and I wouldn't want to fall in the hands of another...
  13. MaxAmour0912

    Emend James Recovery

    Hi there humans of the effed up world we live in.. my god the polarizing crumble between the interdenominational contrasts we all walk through our lives so uniquely introspective, has become to undeniable clear. The veils just keep lifting!!! I digress.... Another voiceless victim here to add to...
  14. Wilex

    is a website that promises you to recover your money but it´s a lie , they are scammers also they ask to you open an account in blockchain and u stay waiting days and days and nothing
  15. miley445667

    can trustmaily at gmail help me

    hello friends i am currently in contact with Trustmainly via Gmail can they really recover my funds or they are some kinda scam anyone in contact with them should please advice me
  16. W

    first option recovery ( in NY is a definite scam.

    I have recently been searching for help me recover my lost funds in CT Trade, somehow I searched this company First Option Recovery ( ) on FACEBOOK, I have talked over chat which seems very unprofessional and rude. The funny thing is when I asked them difficult questions...
  17. Scam Reporters

    Problem Scam recovery alert: Blockchain-Chargeback

    Just few days ago, the world got richer with yet another recovery scam, using old boiler room cold calling lists, however this list is apparently with correct data on victims who lost quite a lot of money. Website is just registered: and it looks like this: WhoisGuard, Inc. Panama as...
  18. K

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers wit

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers within 8 minutes after transferring money into blockchain account wallet they stole it from the account and said I transferred it out,they are a...
  19. T, is a SCAM recovery site beware

    i would like to share with you my most stressful and torturing time in my life with the SCAM recovery website called ( The 2 people were in-charge during this task was the expert John and CEO John Hooper. During end of April 2020; got trouble retrieving BTC from SCAM website...
  20. Scam Reporters

    Problem Claim-Central (Newton's Law Ltd), a new Recovery-Tax scam ALERT!

    WARNING: the following unknown entities/person(s) are contacting former and existing victims of various online trading/Forex&CFD scams across Europe and probably more, impersonating to be authorized to claim misappropriated funds by the Government of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. This is...