recovery room scam

  1. Wilex

    is a website that promises you to recover your money but it´s a lie , they are scammers also they ask to you open an account in blockchain and u stay waiting days and days and nothing
  2. miley445667

    can trustmaily at gmail help me

    hello friends i am currently in contact with Trustmainly via Gmail can they really recover my funds or they are some kinda scam anyone in contact with them should please advice me
  3. W

    first option recovery ( in NY is a definite scam.

    I have recently been searching for help me recover my lost funds in CT Trade, somehow I searched this company First Option Recovery ( ) on FACEBOOK, I have talked over chat which seems very unprofessional and rude. The funny thing is when I asked them difficult questions...
  4. Scam Reporters

    Scam recovery alert: Blockchain-Chargeback

    Just few days ago, the world got richer with yet another recovery scam, using old boiler room cold calling lists, however this list is apparently with correct data on victims who lost quite a lot of money. Website is just registered: and it looks like this: WhoisGuard, Inc. Panama as...
  5. matbigdoc

    Has anyone heard of these 2 company for recovering money?

    Do you have any direct experience with these 2 company for recovering money? Think they are scammers too, because they are asking upfront payment. Please share your feedback. Thanks
  6. K

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers wit

    thank you for your useless advice I contacted the company that you recommended astra recovery they are nothing but a bunch of thieves and scammers within 8 minutes after transferring money into blockchain account wallet they stole it from the account and said I transferred it out,they are a...
  7. T, is a SCAM recovery site beware

    i would like to share with you my most stressful and torturing time in my life with the SCAM recovery website called ( The 2 people were in-charge during this task was the expert John and CEO John Hooper. During end of April 2020; got trouble retrieving BTC from SCAM website...
  8. Scam Reporters

    Claim-Central (Newton's Law Ltd), a new Recovery-Tax scam ALERT!

    WARNING: the following unknown entities/person(s) are contacting former and existing victims of various online trading/Forex&CFD scams across Europe and probably more, impersonating to be authorized to claim misappropriated funds by the Government of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. This is...
  9. S

    Has anyone heard of Crypto recovery service called ( ?

    Hi Guys, Has anyone heard of Crypto recovery service called
  10. P

    Mychargeback/Giambrone/Scamconsulting - which one?

    Hi everyone, I have searched throughout the forums and still not sure which of these funds recovery companies is legitimate or not. Background: I believe my forex broker carried out some manipulations last couple of weeks in which they did certain tactics to liquidate my account. My margin...
  11. MikeyAlt

    Recovery Firms genuine or all scams?

    Having been scammed by RIMarkets I have like most people tried to work out how to recover my funds. A company called in the states came up with a class action in the Marshall Islands which seemed a sensible option. What are peoples opinion on these companies?
  12. K SCAM is a scam.they have got very good ways of scamming your money and stealing it,they will not recover anything for you ,they say they return you funds but they dont, JUST LETTING YOU KNOW .there email address is and the other email is ....hello...
  13. B

    I am just putting it out there be careful of these crooks They make out they recover your scammed forex money but this is what they do . you approach their website . They assign you to a specialist that tells you to set up a watts app account so they can contact you . Then they...
  14. AsstModerator

    Recovery Room Scammers who spammed the FPA

    The FPA is being overrun by Recovery Room Scams. I was banning 4 or 5 per week. Lately, it's been closer to 20 per week. How they work is simple. There's a website, an email address, or other contact information that offers hope for a free, fast recovery of the money the scammers took from...
  15. Elenakralle66

    Spam for Recovery Room Scam - are SCAMMERS!

    Cryptoallday is an unlicensed scam broker! Please do not invest with them. They have very dodgy withdrawal policy and you will never see your money again. They will bully you and manipulate you. Please rather look into registered and trustworthy brokers.Cryptoallday is a horrible company that...
  16. A

    Has anyone heard of

    Anyone heard of or get help from them to recover your money from a online Forex scam? Any information will be helpful. Thanks
  17. A

    Has anyone heard about SwiftRecoup

    It's there anyone who gets help from SwiftRecoup to recover money from a online scam company? I want to contact them but I can't find any information about them or reviews. I will appreciate any help.
  18. G

    Wealth recovery company

    Hey Guys, I was scammed by a company online in forex trading CFD. I lost 91.000 euros (100.000$). Has anybody tried scam recovery company, named MoneyBackHero? Do you recommend someone else.
  19. A

    Has anyone hear or get help from Assured Recover?

    I get in touch with this recover company to help me to recover my funds lost in a scam and as any other they ask for upfront money. I am wondering if can somebody give me an advise of that or if somebody have getting help from them. Are them a genuine company or they are another scam. Any...