recovery room scam

  1. A

    Has anyone heard of

    Anyone heard of or get help from them to recover your money from a online Forex scam? Any information will be helpful. Thanks
  2. A

    Has anyone heard about SwiftRecoup

    It's there anyone who gets help from SwiftRecoup to recover money from a online scam company? I want to contact them but I can't find any information about them or reviews. I will appreciate any help.
  3. G

    Wealth recovery company

    Hey Guys, I was scammed by a company online in forex trading CFD. I lost 91.000 euros (100.000$). Has anybody tried scam recovery company, named MoneyBackHero? Do you recommend someone else.
  4. A

    Has anyone hear or get help from Assured Recover?

    I get in touch with this recover company to help me to recover my funds lost in a scam and as any other they ask for upfront money. I am wondering if can somebody give me an advise of that or if somebody have getting help from them. Are them a genuine company or they are another scam. Any...
  5. S

    Has anyone heard of this:Take back your Deposit

    Hello We set a committee to look into the reason you and few others could not receive their funds released by the Brokers Community. The outcome of the investigation by the committee is the reason I am instructed to contact you and to ensure that you enjoy the “Take Back your Deposit”...
  6. Samer70

    SCAMMERS: Be careful from this website

    Be careful from this website Here is my story with the fake lawyer Mohamed Abdulla Mustafa - I had a bad experience with 2 forex companies, they made me lose a lot of money, so I searched for someone to help me to get back my money or some of them, so after...
  7. D

    The Certified Hackers Team - SCAM ALERT

    Just in case you have been scammed and you come across these guys, stay WELL CLEAR. They told me that could get my money within 72 hours and if they didn't they would refund my £600 I paid them. To cut a long story short, after payment, they disappeared and stopped...
  8. Johnwilkins


    Finally I can share my lies with the world.... I have been able to retrieve all my lost funds of about $180k,which I never believed I would get again from an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital for over 3 months now, and denied my access to my trading account. I'm so glad that I...
  9. Raymond_Bo

    Awers-Consulting - Spamvertising for a Recovery Room Scam

    Hi everyone! Did anybody hear about They provide services in chargeback and recovery from brokers. I found this company by one person from another forum. A year ago I was scammed by 53 Capital trade for 38500 EUR. All money I sent to them by my Visa card. When I understood...
  10. L

    Birman Law & Wealth Recovery Int - Honest Review - SCAMMERS

    In short, you pay 10% of your losses upfront as a retainer to Birman Law, you are lied to and promised things which will never happen by people who mysteriously 'leave' the company. You are then kept in the dark for months with monthly emails that say we are still looking into it, its so...
  11. D - Recovery Room Scammers?

    Has anybody heard of recovery They have replied to me and say they can are confident of recovering my scammed funds within 60-90 days. They all sound Indian and although I havent found any proof they are scammers, I cant find any proof they aren't. No reviews or anything. Anybody...
  12. Berlin58*

    anybody heard of It's really a Bulgarian company even though I claim it's in London?

    has anybody heard of ub4 trade-broker (England, Leeds) of ChronoFM (London) ? Please reply.
  13. J

    Admin Onetimehacker/Onetimehacker Is a Scammer!

    Beware that Admin Onetimehacker on website, is a scammer! The website masquerade as ethical hackers to recover funds lost to any scam, but they are actually scammers themselves. Don't touch him/them at all! He/they will only ask for more money to rip you off! I strongly...
  14. suzzy

    i got my 54k$ back. I am a lying scumbag who wants to steal your money.

    Few months ago i contacted a Canadian broker called Mr Greg and he assured me to invest 10k$ in his winning strategy i was skeptical but i really want to invest in binary options , so i payed 5k$ as initial deposit and he started my trade ,at first it was awesome but after one month trading he...
  15. I

    False Saviors for Binary Options Victims

    Binary Options Victims Offered A Refund By The Government? Not So Fast! By Haggai Carmon Been victimized by a binary option scam? Be careful. We have seen several cases where victims of binary options fraud were victimized twice, sometimes by the same fraudsters, who purported to help the...
  16. maduet

    GUILTY Case# 2017-106 | maduet vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: This company phones victims of previous scams and offers to help them. They take out a loan (10 - 50k) with the bank, using their own funds, trade on it themselves and then offer you...
  17. maduet

    Beware of MCIInvestments !

    A word of caution to all. This company phones victims of previous scams and offers to help them. They take out a loan (10 - 50k) with the bank, using their own funds, trade on it themselves and then offer you to take over the loan if you want to. No up-front fees, no obligations. Sounds great...
  18. LuizaCross


    Just tucked the kids in bed, feels REALLY GOOD to be able to have my family back together under one roof. Months ago I had to leave my kids at my friend’s while I worked night shifts to make up for the money GTOptions stolen from me. If not for ScammerWantsMoreOfYourMoney@Programmer.nut I...
  19. J

    Bull Markets Solutions problem

    Dear Sir: I have been trading with a binary options company called Bull Markets Solutions Ltd since March 2016. Since I joined, it has been a bit of a rough ride one way or another, being constantly referred to different Account Managers. In early November, I decided to make a withdrawal...
  20. AsstModerator

    Banc de Binary is Closing Down. End of a Scam?

    Banc de Binary is Closing Down End of a Scam? One of the oldest and biggest binary scam sites is closing down. There was already an announcement on FInance Magnates, but I was waiting for confirmation. Now I have confirmation of Banc de Binary's impending closure from 2 separate reliable...