ridge capital

  1. Vikram Adithya

    Ridge Capital Markets - SCAM ALERT

    I received a call from Richard Boulivier of Ridge Capital Markets asking me to open a trading account with them. He said he'll be trading on my behalf and show great profits. I funded the account $500 and he showed screenshots of account going above $1000. He convinced me into funding another...
  2. H

    https://www.rdgcm.com Scam?

    I invested an initial amount (1000$) with Ridge capital by the site https://www.rdgcm.com/ then they asked me to increase the fund and i did, now my balance is 5193$ after 45 days then i asked for 400$ from my profits then they disappeared and there is no one to reply my mails or calls.
  3. S

    Loss my money with RIDGE Capital and use of my Credit Card info. for attempted FRAUD/online purchase

    Hi Everyone, I am having pretty much similar story of getting a call from Mr. Curtis of RIDGE Capital to start trading with them. He put me into this **** market with a confirmation and surety that you will open trade for me and handled my account and get me profit (as you know what exactly...