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    India’s Covid Cases, Inflation Concerns May Weigh on Risk Assets in Near Term

    Investors in Asia-Pacific continue monitoring the Covid-19 situation in India as the country continues to battle a deadly second wave of infections. Over the weekend, more than 400,000 daily new cases were registered for the first time. Stocks in Asia-Pacific slipped on Monday, with major...
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    Wall Street Searching for Every Opportunity to Buy Risk Assets Now

    Stocks are coming off a week of gains as earnings topped estimates and strong economic data lifted major averages. The S&P and Dow advanced 1.38% and 1.18% respectively last week for their fourth straight week of gains, while the Nasdaq Composite posted its third positive week in a row. No...
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    Will Powell Rescue Risk Assets This Week?

    February’s government-bond rout has rattled one of the foundations of past year’s powerful stock-market rally: Investors’ certainty that the ultralow long-term interest rates are here to stay, thus risk assets are under great pressure now. A wave of selling in the past two weeks drove the yield...
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    This is the Moment for Global Risk Assets

    Stocks began the week on the front foot amid signs the reflation trade has further to run and as the pace of coronavirus outbreaks slowed further. WTI crude breached USD60 a barrel, as an arctic freeze gripped parts of the U.S. The reflation trade remains alive and well, when global equities...
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    Retail Investors’ Behaviour Weigh on Risk Assets in Near Term

    U.S. stock index futures declined in overnight trading as a surge in speculative trading by retail traders continued to cause hedge funds to take off risk and worried investors about a market bubble. The losses build on last week’s decline, which was the worst for the market since October. Some...
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    Investors Shouldn't Dump Risk Assets Now as Headwinds Are Manageable

    Stocks finished mixed recently, the S&P 500 and Dow finished in the red while the Nasdaq Composite closed at a record high, although all three posted a gain for the week. The Dow registered its fifth positive week in six while the S&P posted its third positive week in four. The Nasdaq advanced...
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    Risk Assets Being Favoured as Betting on Economic Recovery Continues

    Investors are showing signs of increasing exuberance, reflecting optimism about a vaccine-fuelled global recovery and the changed economics of the post-coronavirus world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.6% for the first week of 2021, marking its fourth-straight weekly gain despite a mob...
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    Gain in Risk Assets Will Continue, but Slower

    Investors ended one of Wall Street’s wildest years on record by piling into everything from bitcoin to stock markets, raising expectations that a powerful economic comeback will fuel even more gains. The vast climb known as the everything rally accelerated late in the year, sending the S&P 500...
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    Rebound in Risk Assets May Stay Short as Election is Coming

    Sell-off momentum eased in global risk assets, as optimism over President Trump’s medical prognosis and hopes for fresh economic stimulus put a brake on selling that whipped up on Friday. Dip buyers showed up when market opened this morning, after Trump’s doctors said he’s doing well and could...