1. R

    Roboforex scammed me over $400k profit, and clam that LP deleted my orders

    My name is Zhurui from china with email of who opened 4 trading account at Roboforex with accounts number of 2785205.2793200,2809735,2809763.We traded the following accounts and made profits at 3:29AM on September 22,2016, details are as follows: Account: 2785205 made...
  2. D

    Take care of roboforex

    roboforex has closed my trades by force without my permission and took the money
  3. ParvezMasud issue with open position

    I have been trading with roboforex past 4 years .did have some issue with pending order and spread but I think most broker has that . I did not bother much about that. But now I think I am having my most weird trading experience with them. All the way I was reading about scam broker never...
  4. G

    RoboForex Scam - not responding to withdrawal request help needed

    Hi I am trying to make a withdrawal from RoboForex - firstly they would not allow me to withdraw to my skrill account . I have to withdraw to the original card that made some of the deposits . Trouble is that my card got damaged and has been replaced by my bank . I have started a live chat and...
  5. S

    RoboForex is a scam

    These are the e-mails Exchanged: 05.06.2015 16:45:07 - Simone Di Luca Account number: 4052764 The date of the controversial situation (at the time of the trading platform): 05/06/2015 15:11 Numbers of all the articles in question and / or pending orders: ID of the transaction: DID2565609...
  6. M

    Resolved - Roboforex withdrawal #1899376

    I decided to join this forum as I am losing my patience.. I have been with Roboforex more than a year ( 30 Novemebr 2013) and my account # 274411 I made a withdrawal request # 1899376 and it was processed 8 Decemeber 2014.. and I have not received funds (2025 USD) to my bank account till...
  7. M

    Resolved - Roboforex is a Scam Company Not giving my withdraw

    I was deposit 200$ in my account see screen short payment was successful After that my credit card got some security issue and it is now in bank custody So i excuted some trades and put withraw in my Skrill account but support said to me Please process your Passport verification i...
  8. A

    RoboForex Did Not Execute Pending Orders

    Hi FPA members, I've been trading with This happened on 11 Jun, 23:58:55 to 12 Jun 2014, 00:02:02, EET timezone. I had open a sell trade on NZDUSD at 0.85457 and made a pending order of take profit at 0.85450. However, my pending order was not executed at 0.85450 and I...
  9. W

    Beware... ""roboforex has been hunting my losses by blocking my mt4"".

    I've been with RoboForex much time ago. But, don't know how this broker started to cheat traders. On 29th February, I opened 2 buy positions of EURUSD at 09:34 terminal time. However when I tried to close my position with least loss after some time, @ 1.3471 at 12:23 terminal...
  10. M

    roboforex scam co.

    in 31 oct I make pending order buy stop in usdjpy at price 75.85 at 03:13 with 5 lot stander , price at this moment (03.13) 75.64 After 12 minutes Japanese intervention in currency markets at 03:25 (server time in roboforex) My pending order not open so I go to live chat and told them my...
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