1. H

    Problem Roboforex scam

    Roboforex scam. They adjust the server, to steal money. I want a refund. How to get a refund? I send the proof. Can people show me how to get a refund?
  2. ParvezMasud issue with open position

    I have been trading with roboforex past 4 years .did have some issue with pending order and spread but I think most broker has that . I did not bother much about that. But now I think I am having my most weird trading experience with them. All the way I was reading about scam broker never...
  3. RedasV

    RoboForex negative balance protection program

    So here is what happened with this "RoboForex" negative balance protection program. It seems like they decide by themselves when to cover (reset) your balance to zero or not. In this website you can see that they should protect your negative balance up to $10.000...
  4. G

    RoboForex Scam - not responding to withdrawal request help needed

    Hi I am trying to make a withdrawal from RoboForex - firstly they would not allow me to withdraw to my skrill account . I have to withdraw to the original card that made some of the deposits . Trouble is that my card got damaged and has been replaced by my bank . I have started a live chat and...
  5. S

    RoboForex is a scam

    These are the e-mails Exchanged: 05.06.2015 16:45:07 - Simone Di Luca Account number: 4052764 The date of the controversial situation (at the time of the trading platform): 05/06/2015 15:11 Numbers of all the articles in question and / or pending orders: ID of the transaction: DID2565609...
  6. A

    RoboForex Did Not Execute Pending Orders

    Hi FPA members, I've been trading with This happened on 11 Jun, 23:58:55 to 12 Jun 2014, 00:02:02, EET timezone. I had open a sell trade on NZDUSD at 0.85457 and made a pending order of take profit at 0.85450. However, my pending order was not executed at 0.85450 and I...
  7. M

    roboforex scam co.

    in 31 oct I make pending order buy stop in usdjpy at price 75.85 at 03:13 with 5 lot stander , price at this moment (03.13) 75.64 After 12 minutes Japanese intervention in currency markets at 03:25 (server time in roboforex) My pending order not open so I go to live chat and told them my...
  8. W

    Beware... ""roboforex has been hunting my losses by blocking my mt4"".

    I've been with RoboForex much time ago. But, don't know how this broker started to cheat traders. On 29th February, I opened 2 buy positions of EURUSD at 09:34 terminal time. However when I tried to close my position with least loss after some time, @ 1.3471 at 12:23 terminal...
  9. FX Master

    Resolved - Bitcoin Deposit Roboforex

    Hello All, I am not yet sure what will be the outcome of my case with Roboforex however I wanted to share it here to make people aware of the situation. As you might know, Roboforex allow customers to deposit USD/EUR via Bitcoin. They have a Payment processor for that. You log into your...
  10. R

    Roboforex scammed me over $400k profit, and clam that LP deleted my orders

    My name is Zhurui from china with email of who opened 4 trading account at Roboforex with accounts number of 2785205.2793200,2809735,2809763.We traded the following accounts and made profits at 3:29AM on September 22,2016, details are as follows: Account: 2785205 made...
  11. D

    Take care of roboforex

    roboforex has closed my trades by force without my permission and took the money