1. Newred

    Forex Affiliate Links Earn money from S&P500 index with Robot Expert - SP500 Smart Collector

    Index Automated Trading The SP500 index consists of the 505 largest companies in the United States and is growing at an average rate of 10% per year. A unique trading system based on the experience of making a profit from price fluctuations of shares included in the SP500 index. This is a fully...
  2. Pipwin

    Paranoid Robot Eurusd only

    A big thank you to the Admins of this forum, please put my thread right if it's in the wrong place, thank you. It is very important to make trade that profit on a constant note. With a reasonable DD, few ideas have been able to do this , however with my 17 years of development I have done this...
  3. plexlord

    Experience with the Forex Robot "Golden Buddha 108": My Observations and Discussion

    Привет всем форумчанам! Хочу поделиться своим опытом использования форекс робота "Золотой Будда 108". Пользуюсь этим роботом уже некоторое время и решил поделиться со всеми своими наблюдениями и впечатлениями. В первую очередь хочу подчеркнуть, что «Золотой Будда 108» — это автоматизированная...
  4. montana2000

    Robot Scalper for XAUUSD

    Friends, rate our robot scalper for XAUUSD. We will be glad if you suggest any improvements for the robot.
  5. B

    Scammed by YouTuber Jayson Michaelson scams for investment program and trading robot sale claims. Beware.

    He asked for money for investment program saying he will trade and pay you returns. He is a scammer. Then he went on to collect 200 dollars from me for trading bot. He ended up sending me a shitty word file. Where I sensed a red flag is he claimeethe same file he sent will install on phone and...
  6. TrinitySaint

    New Forex Stuff Trading Robot - $ 500 to $ 1,300,921

    Best Forex Trading Robot - $ 500 to $ 1,300,921 per Year
  7. T

    New Forex Stuff Super Scalping Robot Only For Gold Trading

    The Scalper Gold EA has been developed based on a Scalping strategy for the XAU/USD to gain 20% to 38% Monthly Profit with 84% Verified Win Rate. Trading on Gold Market is more Profitable than other pairs and more Risky as well. Monthly return; 20% to 38% Win rate; 84% Pair; XAUUSD Time Frame...
  8. Vadym1

    Searching M5 scalping, like bmw only robot automatic

    I'm new to trading and I want to buy myself a trading robot and install it on vps. Please advise what to look for in this robot. I tested it on the history strategy tester. Like everyone else, he trades wonderfully for profit ....
  9. iProfit

    Fx Discounts and Rebates iProfit Forex Robot : Completes seven years in live trading

    We are happy to inform you that iProfit has completed seven years in live trading (MyFxBook verifed) - in the process, the strategy has proven itself to be one of the most reliable, robust and profitable automated trading software for MT4. Please visit iProfit Website for more details ...
  10. MartinEngland89

    New Forex Stuff Robot EUGUintraday.ex4 download free

    **EA EUGUintraday download free: See also other EA products : contact telegram to activate EA: group signal from vikingteam free...
  11. konk241

    Profitable BaxterStars automatic robot

    A fully automatic robot, which has been tested on a real account for 3 months and showed a steady profit of 30% of monthly BaxterStars, you can now rent for 3 months for $ 10. Price reduced for a couple of days. We want to give every interested trader the opportunity to get this robot at the...

    NEW! Ghost Trader EA - FREE trading robot

    Hey guys! First post in this forum and I want to recommend for you to try this EA :) FX Ekspert Ghost Trader EA MT4 platform Free for both REAL and DEMO account trading Fully automated and easy to use even without prior trading experience Comes with a comprehensive user manual Check the EA's...
  13. A

    Helping with small code for metatrader4

    Hello folks I am a cAlgo programmer and cTrader trader, and its a real fantasy platform but unfortionately cTrader cant handle over than 500 positions opened at the same time ( its become very slow and shutdown some times).. anyway if you can help me with writing a small MT4 robot that...
  14. devinbethel

    I want to build a Harmonic Pattern Scanner that works

    Hi FPA, This is my first post, so be gentle. My name is Devin, and I'm a student in computational statistics (machine learning). I am OBSESSED with the statistical reliability of harmonic patterns. Sometimes they fail fantastically, sometimes they work equally well. Me and a small team...
  15. M "make $2,265 per day, automated trading system" ???

    Anyone know about ? Any experiences? What do you think about this system? I saw this text on 18 Jan 2017 on "Thm Ricardo jakoi linkin. 24 min Learn how to make $2,265 per day without Ajob - watch this video! The only automated trading system that...
  16. GainCraft

    Indicator Cross Robots new wizard - on GainCraft platform

    Indicator Cross Robots wizard - on GainCraft platform, new wizard type - ready visual Automated Systems in few clicks. New GainCraft platform version (2.30) is released. What is new: Several bug fixes + small improvements. The main feature - it is new type Strategy Builder/Wizard or Assistant...
  17. F

    100% Automated & profitable Forex Robot

    ( Free Version and Free support ) I have create a Robot for forex market. I want to share it with all. It is a fully automated Forex Trading system which can trade and earn big profit without human intervention. Everything is programmed & optimized with market condition and behaviour. So you...
  18. SamAntics

    Howdy all! EAs

    Howdy, I'm part of a small trading group which is doing ok.. First time I've joined here and will be getting them on board soon. There's a few posts around this site about EAs and want an honest and REAL robot to trade for me. Sooooooo does anyone have anything that is performing well? Yes I...