1. juryman

    Help Needed: Having issue with RtcFinance

    I am writing to you with the hope that you approach the RTC management team regarding my loss of funds Euro 165,000.00. My Name is Robert Siino Account number: 1037674 The loss of my money was not through the fault of my speculation, but through the investment speculations that were instructed...
  2. M


    I was instructed to trade through shared screen way beyond my margin and on instance buy and see resulted in big losses. Being new and trusted the broker's agent, I was in deep trouble now since I am the one who did the clicking on the mouse. They would pursue to recover my losses that they...
  3. B

    Rational for placing offsetting trades? - RTC Finance

    A friend of a relative of mine has recently opened a forex brokerage account and, apparently under advice from said broker or possible entered by a broker employee without authorization, entered a buy order and immediately after an offsetting (hedging?) sell order: e.g. buy 8,000,000 AUSUSD at...
  4. R


    I am writing to express my frustration over conditions of this broker. First, they are misleading people with no deposits to begin with and then further down the track asking for more money. People with no trading experience or have no time to learn trading but searching for ways for...