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    Forex scam-my story

    I thought I was making a good decision. It has turned into a nightmare. To make a long story shorter, I invested with Rumelia Capital. I looked for reviews online but there was nothing. I thought they were based in New York. At least that is where the Account manager was calling from...
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    Rumelia Capital/Grey Mountain Scam

    I hope you can help. I was scammed out of $67,500. I initially invested 500 on October 7 , 2016 and was contacted by Brian Green who said he could manage my account if I invested $2000 with guaranteed trades protection so I did. We did 60 second trades making modest gains so he said if I...
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    Rumelia Capital (Grey Mountain) Scam

    Subject: Transaction Dispute with Grey Mountain “Rumelia Capital” Case # 100025971146310 - On 10/18/2016, l opened a trading account with Rumelia Capital, deposited $250 and began trading. - On 10/24/2016, Brian Green called me and presented himself as my assigned account manager. He...