samir beool

  1. B

    Problem SCAM ALERT - Samir Beool owns CapitalOneForex and 5StarsForex

    My name is Beool Izabela, I am Samir Beool wife, the owner of Capital One Forex & 5 Stars Forex and I can confirm 1000% that the 2 companies are his and both are SCAM. So people beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With your money he's making a luxury life in Europe. Non of the companies are register...
  2. T

    Capital One Forex Ignores/Refuses To Process Withdrawal Requests

    On 04/06/15 I opened a live forex trading account with Capital One Forex Limited. The account number is 109325. I funded the account with $3 020.00 immediately and capitaloneforex added 100% bonus to my account, which brought the starting trading account balance on my account to $6 040.00...
  3. M

    Problem Capital One Forex scam

    Hi! I opened a trading account with Capital One Forex broker in 2014 august, being naive and not doing enough research ended me up to a situation that I am now. I knew that they would give all my money in one withdrawal request. So I tried to make a small $300 withdrawal request 25th May...
  4. 7

    5starsforex SCAM!

    I would like to warn you about They made a lot of advertising and have a lot of good review but after I made payment they completely disapeared. No Homepage, No Mail, no Phone!
  5. J

    Scammed by CapitalOneForex

    I have been having endless problems with capitaloneforex. I have had issues with manipulation of price, etc, and when I asked for a refund, they refuse to process. Enrico is also the problem person I dealt with. I would like to receive resolution as soon as possible. I have been screwed over by...
  6. Master Yoda

    Problem saxfx and capitaloneforex- another scam warning

    SAX fx | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army Please note that Saxfx and Capital one FX are owned by the same person (David Telyo Romano is co owning Capital one with Samir Beool and the owner of SaxFX through BYP Group Limited). I highly recommend to not trade with SaxFX and...
  7. S

    Problem Scam!!!

    Hello to every one My name is Savelie and I have one account with this company which is 55702. this is my history of how I was fraud by your company. 1)on 04.02.2014 I deposit 1000$ and I received 85% as bonus. 2) on period between 04.02.2014-06.02.2014 I made 4 trades and made 1834$...
  8. L

    TarsierFX withdraw & confiscation fund problem

    My bad experience with TARSIER FX account 2100012895, on 23 April 2014 request withdraw from tarsier, receive confirmation email from tarsier need 2 day to process after 1 week email mr Ronald Marilou ,client relationship manager ask what the status? Replay empty promise, than call office no one...
  9. I

    Problem Problem with withdrawal -CAPITALONEFOREX

    I requested withdrawal 21/05/2014 at about 1400 EUR,but nothing happened My account number is: 94496,I have made withdrawal request through wire transfert last week,but yesterday they cancelled my withdrawal without any reason! :confused: I have made a lot of calls,send a lot of emails but...
  10. R

    Problem Cannot get my request of withdrawal at

    Hello i am Rhealyn a client of I have funded $100 on my account 89274 and they gave me 50% bonus..I profited and grow my account into $365 so i request a withdrawal of $200.. after few days i follow up my request through chat but they said that they did not receive any...
  11. AsstModerator

    Problem Capital One Forex and Samir Beool, Why Don't You Pay Your Clients?

    Capital One Forex and Samir Beool Why Don't You Pay Your Clients? The list of problems with CapitalOneForex is long. The primary problem is failing to pay traders all money owed in a timely fashion, if at all. If this was the only issue, the FPA Scam Finding would have been published as soon...
  12. Scam Investigations Committee and Samir Beool and Samir Beool We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that... The FPA's problems with Samir Beool started before the existence of...
  13. Alonedevils

    Problem After Labeled as Scam Broker, CapitalOneForex Fight Back Against Forex Peace Army

    Hello Troops .. As We Now About CapitalOneForex Is Already Labeled As Scam Broker, You Can Search In This FPA Website, To Search Case About Capital One Forex. Capital One Forex Case. Now, This Broker Fights Back Againts Forex Peace Army Like On Their Statement At Capital One Forex...
  14. A

    Resolved? Case# 2014-047 | Adriana55515 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Hello FPA and to all!!!! I was scammed by this broker.They blocked my account and steal my 2800$.They blocked my account on 12.02.2014. I tried to contact them by Emails,phone...
  15. M

    Problem capitaloneforex did not proceed withdrawal request

    I requested withdrawal about 4000 EUR at 21.08.2013, but nothing happened. New execuses every day.
  16. G

    Resolved - capitaloneforex $100 NO-DEPOSIT-BONUS SCAM

    I registered for ECN Forex Trading | Forex Bonuses | Forex Deposit Bonuses | Forex Broker on January 9th when they had a "no-deposit bonus" promotion for $100 with leverage 1:20 my account number : 90946 investor password : 6K3k0Rn3 myfxbook link : $100 start System | Myfxbook I started...
  17. S

    Problem Capital One Forex even scams it's own staff!

    HI All. Further to all the other COF scam posts I thought I'd let you know a little more about Samir Beool( CEO) and COF and just what a scam this guy is running. I was offered a job with COF in late November 2013 and it became apparent almost from day one that there wasn't something quite...
  18. S

    RESOLVED Case# 2013-154 | sheikh rashed vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: my account number in capitaloneforex 55770. here i submit a review about their bad service .i think that's why they are angry with me. this is my 2nd start thread to you about their...
  19. roman_sharif

    Scam Broker Capital One Forex

    Scam Broker Capital One Forex Hello dear all traders be alert to deposit Capital One Forex Broker.they are increase there client to give deposit bonus 70% rescue but after deposit when i lost all balance deposit or bonus amount again i deposit and get again this rescue bonus after i made...
  20. D

    Problem Beware! Capital One Forex is a scam company and did not return my profit after him promise me

    Hello friends Im talk i the past with Mr Samir Beool to solve my problem he sent for me my deposit money only after 3 month and promise me will sent my profit later and tell me if you erase all things you wirte about the company you will recive you money , I do that and recive my deposit but...