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  1. alexroger

    crooks - saxo

    keep out from these crooks called saxobank
  2. E

    Illegal, Unfair and Unjust Practices by SAXO Bank

    We are a group of SAXO Bank Singapore customers who have lost a total of $4,000,000 SGD from illegal, unjust and unfair practices by SAXO Bank. If you had experienced such practices on your account with SAXO Bank, please contact me immediately. We are taking a class action suit against SAXO Bank...
  3. A

    Saxo Bank crisis 2015

    Saxo Bank dishonored trades, and manipulated transaction prices 12 hours after transaction, detailed clients assets Massive loss in trading of CHF On January 15, 2015 09:30 GMT, the Swiss National Bank gave up its commitment to defend a EUR/CHF floor of 1.20, the exchange rate of...
  4. S

    saxo bank scam on hedging

    i oppened a long possition at 1.3656 for euro100.000 AT 14/11/2011. I maintained that possition and kept funding my account because of the UNREALISED loss i was making, and at 30/12/2011, THAT IS 46 DAYS AFTER I BOUGHT, i decided to hegde, by oppening a sell possition of same amount. The next...
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    Saxo Bank Fraudulent Act

    I posted graphic details of how SAXO BANK stole my wire transfer in the Brokers Review section.I need help from the FPA to recover my money.