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    ADVICE NEEDED: ScalaTrade | Scala.Trade | Scala Trade

    Hello Everyone, I am an investor of OptionRally that transferred my account to Scala.Trade | ScalaTrade by Mr. Ziad Al-Ali. Long story short, as soon as the funds were transferred, all communication has stopped, and no email/withdrawal request are responded/entertained. Exactly like how to the...
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    **ALERT** ScalaTrade / OptionRally Scam

    Hello All, This post is about the very certain nature of scam from OptionRally (Option Rally) and ScalaTrade (Scala.Trade). First of all, I don’t even know where to begin my case, but here are 2 pieces of info you must know before reading the rest of the story: 1. I didn’t directly invest...
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    Optionrally and Scala Trade scam

    I have opened an account with Optionrally in November 2015. The account manager sent at the beginning of March 2016 a document that I needed to sign in order to agree with a transfer of my account to a different company called Scala Trade. The conditions of the agreement were abnormal and I have...