scam alert

  1. cbc90

    My Investment Scam Register

    Not forex exactly, but important for people of this forum to be aware of. I will update this list in time. SCAMs: - fake FCA number. Mistakes on the website. Uses same contact number as another scam company - Friends have been a victim to this...
  2. W

    WinThisCase - Finding the right lawyer to Win your case!!

    About We are an agency specializing in legal case lead generation and distribution. Our lawyers specialize in: Financial scams Divorce Personal injury Inheritance and probate claims Real estate and conveyancing Debt collection Our Vision is to create a space to...
  3. thamsat

    How to post a review of a Scam Signal Service?

    Guys, I am new in Forex Peace Army Forum. Recently I was scammed by a Forex Signal provider. Every past report of the site is false. All their trades are hitting SL now. And they promised to provide atleast 15 signals per day. But they are now providing only 1 or 2 signals. They dont answer my...
  4. Sairoong

    Soehoe is a website scam professional

    I do research on the internet to find a good robot, and also improve my own robot. I enrolled on soehoe and find interesting script. but I notice that these are scam script, all scripts are scam, after talking with progammer-have had all of MQL5 EA cracker, the worse it is no secret. I pay it...
  5. Bull_Rider

    The best way to stay in control of your account

    Hello Colleagues ! I would like to discuss, and hopefully enlighten you about the ways, that we can be the BOSS when it comes to trading with new Brokers big or small, Regulated or Not .... Not sure how many of you, know that there is an option for a trader to actually not deposit the...