scam via telegram

  1. asrclub

    copy trade binary scam group on telegram

    hello i get scammed by this group they was over invest money and after pay no thing they was offer iqoption service then they change for copy trade binary .com the scam who deal with me @iqoptionsignaladmin2 please take care they are take money and ask...
  2. FxMaster

    Important notice for Telegram Victims

    Everyone who got scammed by telegram pages, make sure to report the scams to Telegram, You can contact the Telegram and ask them to take action or remove those scammers from Telegram. Also, don't forget to lodge a report to the regulators in your own countries, and the regulators in any country...
  3. J

    Is this a scam? Help

    I'm relatively new to everything in the forex world, so I'm really not sure. and I joined a telegram group and someone shared a group message that says that this person can turn 200 to 1400, 300 to 2100, 500 to 3500 in 7 days and that it's 100% guaranteed. And they said they manage the money in...