1. M

    Binary Option Signals by Ralph Gellert from TELEGRAM

    Has anyone heard of this Binary Option investment by Ralph Gellert? Is he/she a scam or legit? He/she is using for his/her skrill email. His/her Free Signal telegram link is . He/she is promising 880% Return of Investment in 1 week. Invest...
  2. I

    Unfolding the mystery behind Instaforex real owners and activities

    Everyone knows Instaforex, the infamous, two-sided, Forex company. Heads : a forex website, in business since 2007, boasting hundreds of thousands, sometimes several million customers, a worldwide presence through offices and partners, prestigious sports sponsorship contracts, luxury cars and...
  3. cbc90

    My Investment Scam Register

    Not forex exactly, but important for people of this forum to be aware of. I will update this list in time. SCAMs: - fake FCA number. Mistakes on the website. Uses same contact number as another scam company - Friends have been a victim to this...
  4. W

    Kingsman Global limited

    Has any one else been scammed by these crooks ?
  5. S

    Anyone Heard of cfdstocks?

    Hello Good Morning, Does anyone know that the people who is behind cfdstocks are the same people who operated Aaoption? (Note: Aaoption has been closed down and reported to be SCAM).
  6. thamsat

    How to post a review of a Scam Signal Service?

    Guys, I am new in Forex Peace Army Forum. Recently I was scammed by a Forex Signal provider. Every past report of the site is false. All their trades are hitting SL now. And they promised to provide atleast 15 signals per day. But they are now providing only 1 or 2 signals. They dont answer my...
  7. B


    Hi guys I doubt anyone will have heard of this company as they are still in the pre-launch stage but just on the off-chance anyone has heard whispers, I thought I'd check. The name of the company is USI-Tech and the reason I am extraordinarily dubious about its legitimacy is the fact that it...
  8. W scam artists...

    Hello I had depoisted $5000 to open a gold trading account at finpari. I had made about $10,000 in successful trades and requested them deposit the initial $5000 I put in back on my credit card, and the guy at the livechat there said my turnover was too low and I needed to make 20,000$ in...
  9. ElaineMDG

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    Although I've only been really concentrating on Fx for a couple of months, I can honestly say that between the scams, pushy marketers, (not always one & the same), questions and occasional confusion; I wouldn't be still hanging in there and even more excited about this crazy journey were it not...