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    is there any script (or ea) for closing all open positions from only one pair??

    Hello and sorry for my English. I have seen (and sometimes used) scripts (and I know there are also expert advisors) that close all (pending or market) open positions, or that close only market positions, or that close only pending positions, or that close only selling operations, or that close...
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    FTS Toolkit - Tick chart drawing indicator + Save ticks in MT4

    Fellow Squad Members, I always wanted to see tickcharts for forex pairs even if the general explanation of why we don't have is that 'hey, this is an OTC market, you won't see all ticks even nearly'. Using tick data can result in different charts from broker to broker probably depending on...
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    FTS Toolkit - Spread Marker - A visual tool for monitoring spread while trading

    Fellow Squad Members, One of the first things that I learned in trading from the big "How not to leave your money on the market" book is to monitor spread closely. Here is my tiny solution for MT4 that shows spread markers next to the last candle and displays the spread in pips on the lower...
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    FPA's Forex Tactical Squad - Welcome

    Hello Fellow Traders, I've been compiling daily trading signals for a while for you and it just came into my mind that I'd like to share with you something else also. Actually I've spent some time with programming and I succeeded in making several tools for MT4 so I publish some of those for...