secured option

  1. HelloYellow

    Secured Options Fraud

    I am another victim to Secured Options. My broker was Mr Edward Reed. Mr Reed convinced me that he will help me recover my losses from Titan Trade that i lost a month before signing up to Secured Options. Funny, the broker site came recommended by google trader. To sum things up....: 1. I...
  2. M

    Secured Options Scam

    Has anyone else been involved with Secured options? Due to possible legal action I will keep this brief. My experience is reflected in my of threads on this site. The long and short of it that I am $16500 out of pocket with the company still asking for more money. Many different assurances were...
  3. Kay McNaught

    Secured Option Trading Without Instruction/Consent

    I am a verified account holder at Secured Options which is managed by Hill Marketing Ltd. Company number 09502382 . Address 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London. United Kingdom. NW11 7TL. Tel. No: 442035198748. Senior Account Manager Mr Edward Reed Skype: securedoptions.Edwardr The Senior...