1. T / SCAM

    Started trading with a few months back ... started ok and was using robot on account and initially was making some money. All seemed a bit too good to be true so tried to withdraw deposit plus some money ... they refused to process withdrawal and in frustration ( not...
  2. T

    Secured Options (and InsideOption) owner arrested by Israeli Police!!!

    Secured Options' boss has just been arrested by the Israeli police. A few things you can do now if you are a victim of Secured Options or Inside Option: 1) Lodge a complaint with the Israel police immediately. Do it again even if you have already done so. In case there are compensations to be...
  3. D

    Secured Options major crooks be warned

    I am going to keep this thread very simple.I sent Secured options £250 to trade about 9 months ago.After sending the money i saw shocking reviews on the internet so i decided to ask for my money back .No matter what i do or say they will not refund the money. In my view this company has been...
  4. M

    Scammed by Secured Options

    Hello FPA I opened a account at broker throug code fibo app. ( 21-10-2016) For me it was not so succesfull, so i tried to withdraw in december, but after numerous calls from the brokers team and shady traders, I stil do not have my withdraw :( This withdraw request is...
  5. E

    H.T. - Manager of Secured and Inside Option Scams

    Her aliases include: Jennifer Richards of SecuredOptions and Emily Hansen of InsideOption Bank account: Benleumi 193-XXXX DOB: XX.XX.19XX Phone: 972-54-3XXXXXX Last known residence: EXXX GXXXX XX Tel-Aviv
  6. M

    Withdrawal issue Secured Options

    I've registered Swarm Intelligence and was assigned with Secured Options, made a deposit of $250 and started using the software to trade. It went quite well for the first few days but the system started giving crappy signals and my balance was down to $100+. On 13/12/2016, I received a call from...
  7. J

    scammed by secured options

    Hi, I was recently scammed by Secured Options. I desperately need help to get my money back. I will explain more details if required. Thank you.
  8. I

    Secured Options = Inside Option. Proofs enclosed.

    Here is proof that Secured Options and Inside Option belong to the same family. A victim I am helping with who only has an account with Secured Options, made multiple payments to Secured Options and 2 of those transactions showed up on his bank statement as being transferred to Inside Option.
  9. T

    Scammed by Secured Options

    I recently opened an account with Secured Options to test them out. After opening the account I was contacted by my account manager Jacob who told me about this unbelievable US election deal where you can make 2000% on your money in 10 days. Thats right his words were 20:1. $20 for every $1 you...
  10. D

    Secured Options confimed scam

    I have just been scammed by Secured Options of $18120, this is the total amount that I was trading with, my "bonus total" is currently standing at $87239.22. But don,t get fooled by that amount it states in their terms & conditions section 12 that you can only withdraw bonus funs when your...
  11. M


    BEWARE do not have anything to do with this unregulated broker. Emily Miller and Mike Spector are part of this company. You will not get your money back. Report them to as many authorities as possible they need to be stopped.
  12. D

    Scammed by securedoptions out of about $100,000 USD, they agreed to pay me $140,000 but still nothin

    Scammed by Securedoptions out of approx $150,000USD they got my money and after some complaining agreed to return $140,000 by the customer relations manager Mr Mattew Stone and still nothing, no communications nothing, this was outright fraud and I believe i have a case against this man as well...
  13. Kay McNaught

    Secured Option Trading Without Instruction/Consent

    I am a verified account holder at Secured Options which is managed by Hill Marketing Ltd. Company number 09502382 . Address 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune, London. United Kingdom. NW11 7TL. Tel. No: 442035198748. Senior Account Manager Mr Edward Reed Skype: securedoptions.Edwardr The Senior...
  14. M

    Secured Options Scam

    Has anyone else been involved with Secured options? Due to possible legal action I will keep this brief. My experience is reflected in my of threads on this site. The long and short of it that I am $16500 out of pocket with the company still asking for more money. Many different assurances were...
  15. HelloYellow

    Secured Options Fraud

    I am another victim to Secured Options. My broker was Mr Edward Reed. Mr Reed convinced me that he will help me recover my losses from Titan Trade that i lost a month before signing up to Secured Options. Funny, the broker site came recommended by google trader. To sum things up....: 1. I...