sha zhu pan

  1. "Baby"

    Problem DeCurret Pro ( or

    DeCurret Pro, not to be confused with the real DeCurret Inc., lured me through a man named "Kyle" who posing as a potential suitor on a dating website called Hinge. He got me to stop using Hinge by suggesting we text each other and then we also moved to WhatsApp. My scammer spent many days for...
  2. Mile6

    Problem Pig butchering Scam Investment/Scam romance Sha zhu Pan

    Hello all Im an other victim of this huge scam called Romance scam, Pig butchering or whatever. I’m writing to you all today because I want to share with you a list of platforms who belongs to the same group of scam that I have been victim. I’m trying to find any Americans victims from one of...