sigma forex

  1. R

    Problem Sigma Forex is not sending my withdrawal

    I opened an account with Sigma in early March, and (due to various difficulties with the deposit being credited properly and other setup issues) did not make any actual trades on the account. My account with them is denominated in USD, and the initial deposit was in the form of a wire...
  2. F

    Problem scam SigmaForex Non Dealing Desk account, not able to withdraw funds

    I am unable to withdraw initial funds from SigmaForex Non Dealing Desk account. The account trading can be monitered at - Share Your MT4 Statements Free I received final statement for my account funds is 2776.99 EUR on 2009-06-29. I then sent in formal withdraw request form sent...
  3. H

    Problem Sigma Forex Tole My 5 K's

    i traded in a forex company in england called sigma forex and i started with 2500 then made 5100 profit then i asked them to withdraw my money but they never sent me my money back for 26 days saying they are checking my account , however they threatned me to make a claim against me thier...
  4. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem Trader gets initial deposit back, but loses profits

    The most recent scam case that has been resolved by one of the FPA’s Scam Investigators was only a partial victory. FPA member Hossam Park had an account with Sigma Forex. He attempted to withdraw some profits. After several delays and no money arriving, he got a little aggressive with the...