signal services

  1. fxsam

    What is the payment method of myfxbook to a signal provider?

    I want to know the payment methods name used by myfxbook for signal providers?
  2. L

    Why MT4 insists to ignore the slippage set during the synchronization of signal positions?

    Does MT4 want subscribers to lose their hard earned money? If no, why do they synchronize orders with a very high slippage? . In the beginning, they ask you to set the slippage, a few minutes after they synchronize positions regardless of the slippage set?. For example, today I closed a trade...
  3. Centreforex

    Forex Free Signals Daily From Centreforex

    Dear Sir, Check it out Our signals Every day Regularly in this forum , it is very usefull for all traders, we are not doing this as marketing purpose, we are doing this as social purpose for basic trader to learn the market with our signals Centreforex provides forex managed accounts in...
  4. Ali Huzaifa

    fx trade signals

    my name is Ali Huzaifa and I am 28 years old trading forex from last 7 years, I am also trading for my own account and for my clients, I am also interested to open a forex signal services. here I will post my open trades with screen shots of open trades. for getting trade signals in real...