1. Jose Luis Culebras


    Hello, I have recently been scammed by this skyfx company, they started asking me for € 500 for an investment which changed without notice to € 1000. Subsequent to this they told me that I had a profit of € 15,000 that I had to withdraw and the cost of it was € 2,000, once paid they asked to pay...
  2. R

    Is it possible to recover my money froma Scam broker (SkyFx)?

    I invested with SkyFx 1000 eur on feb. last year. Imediately after i wire transfered the money, i was blocked right away and never heard more of the maneger and the broker who lored me into doing business with them. My name is Roland Churchill.
  3. P

    Cysec never will not help you

    I am a victim of SkyFX. All my attempts to return the money have failed. Correspondence with Cysec and my request to help them also have failed!
  4. AsstModerator

    2015 Scoundrel of the Year Vote

    I decided to do something a little different this year. Instead of voting on which scam brokers are the scammiest, I thought it might be more fun to decide which of the Scoundrels of 2015 is the most deserving of the title Scoundrel of the Year. Candidates are restricted to the 4...
  5. G

    Broker of Skyfx grabbed ALL MY FUNDS!!!!!

    I have a big problem and a very very bad experience with! A broker FRED MALKOVICH (Freddy Malkovich <>) through his partner John James - even now I do not know how MALCOVICH and James found my telephone numbers and if they are brokers of skyfx. In the name of...
  6. AsstModerator

    SkyFx tries to get a Scam label lifted by using legal threats and bribery

    Earlier this month, SkyFx/Trademarker got 2 Traders Court guilty vote. Capital Option also had a guilty vote and is also under Trademarker. Since this came to 3 guilty votes for companies under the same group, it resulted in the FPA labeling the company as a Scam. This might have been...
  7. Master Yoda

    Problem 4XP=FXTG=SkyFX: The Proofs

    As you all aware the FPA has have found the broker 4xp Scam following 7 verdicts (!!!) and following the failure of 4xp to pay customers their money, in other words: 4xp are thieves. I have made an investigation and have found a direct and disturbing connection between the above mentioned (4xp...
  8. D

    GUILTY Case# 2015-166 | Des Hall vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Sky FX phoned me, and asked me to trade with their company. John Klein opened my account and I deposited $3000 USD and they deposited $3000. I was told I would get 110% return on my money.James...
  9. P

    GUILTY Case# 2015-160 | PilipenkoIgor vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: hello.As you can see on the FPA forum many complaints on SkyFx. The main reason for which they easily obtained cheat is that they promise a full refund in case of loss. Records of these promises on...
  10. D

    Problem Sky FX - Need a Serious Investigation " Total Scammers"

    The problems I had with this company are as followed : * Harrassment For Money * Misleading Information - Promised higher returns for deposits, when in fact they were used to save the account. * Overinvesting - Taking too many trades and large volumes. * False Promises - Encouraging me to trade...
  11. P

    Problem SkyFX : their slogan "take your scam sky high"

    I have all the evidence that SkyFX is a scams. 1. They are drawn from defrauded customers more money. (Proof of this I also have in the screenshots of Skype, but I shall not yet show it. I want to give them a chance to solve my problem by peaceful means. If they do not then I will put this...
  12. A

    Skyfx and melissa mazeres Scam with me and my client !!

    hi, My name is avejit pyne.i traded skyfx two years 2012-2014 as a normal trader .there was no problem in those 2 years .Last November 2014 i made a deal with melissa, that she will give me bonus upon my deposit . condition is i have to lose on skyfx side and made profit in another broker by...
  13. W

    RESOLVED - SkyFX by Trademarker (Cyprus) Ltd - is a scam

    I suspect them preying on gullible investors like myself. Illicit soliciting of business Does not practise prudent money management while giving gullible novice investors into position with beyond safety margin. So once many methods of coaxing clients for more capital oblivious to...
  14. D is a scam stealing investors' money

    Account no. at 146616 (MT4 platform ) + 50834 ( binary options ) NB: Most important documents included. I can Email you original documents once you ask for them. I invested my money with a company regulated by CYSEC ( Capitaloption which is a brand name of Trademarker...
  15. I

    SkyFX Cheated Me with Their Offer

    Before 2 months Skyfx representative gave me an offer with minimum 50/% profit each month if they manage my account with only 10% risk. I agreed with them after they sent me some accounts operated by them and I opened 2 accounts with total 8000$ (first account 145621 with amount of 5000$ and...
  16. A


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