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    Is it possible to recover my money froma Scam broker (SkyFx)?

    I invested with SkyFx 1000 eur on feb. last year. Imediately after i wire transfered the money, i was blocked right away and never heard more of the maneger and the broker who lored me into doing business with them. My name is Roland Churchill.
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    Broker of Skyfx grabbed ALL MY FUNDS!!!!!

    I have a big problem and a very very bad experience with! A broker FRED MALKOVICH (Freddy Malkovich <>) through his partner John James - even now I do not know how MALCOVICH and James found my telephone numbers and if they are brokers of skyfx. In the name of...
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    Problem Sky FX - Need a Serious Investigation " Total Scammers"

    The problems I had with this company are as followed : * Harrassment For Money * Misleading Information - Promised higher returns for deposits, when in fact they were used to save the account. * Overinvesting - Taking too many trades and large volumes. * False Promises - Encouraging me to trade...
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    Problem SkyFX : their slogan "take your scam sky high"

    I have all the evidence that SkyFX is a scams. 1. They are drawn from defrauded customers more money. (Proof of this I also have in the screenshots of Skype, but I shall not yet show it. I want to give them a chance to solve my problem by peaceful means. If they do not then I will put this...
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    SkyFX Cheated Me with Their Offer

    Before 2 months Skyfx representative gave me an offer with minimum 50/% profit each month if they manage my account with only 10% risk. I agreed with them after they sent me some accounts operated by them and I opened 2 accounts with total 8000$ (first account 145621 with amount of 5000$ and...