sls trade

  1. kweku

    SLS Trades not proceeds withdraw requests

    I had some unpleasant und suspicious experience with my personal Agents from SLS Trade ( So I got idea to check how the money withdraw from my trading account will be working out. After I got fulfilled the requirements they asked me before they are able to proceed my...
  2. S

    I have also been scammed to by

    I have also been scammed to by It seems there is only "real" company on the website, Globe Inter LTD Registration No. 09723370, address:71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom But this company is dissolved, see...
  3. J

    I have been scammed by SlsTrade

    Hi everyone.. I am a new trader who believes has been scammed and hoping someone here can help. I have always been interested in learning the trade game and it was only few weeks ago when i started looking online to see how and where to start. I registered my details on few sites not knowing...
  4. J

    SlsTrade. Com

    They guys get 250us dollars from me by say that invest on slstrade.Com nd u get ur benifit as market goes up or down. Now I have 3000 some dollars in my account. So recently I make a request to withdrawal 2000 from my account so they send me new letter to get sign as my authority that the...
  5. D

    SLS Trades Scam

    I recently started a trading account via with Michael Dobson. At first we were unable to sign an account via Forex Boulevard so he used SLS Trades platform. In the first trade he lost $2k on crude oil, similar to the stories I have read on here through Forex Boulevard. I did a...