1. M

    Smarttradefx nonpayment of deposited funds

    I closed my account with Smarttradefx on Monday 25th July 2011 and I have been trying to retrive my trading account funds ever since, my funds were sent to "click and buy" which is there funding avenue. My funds have been blocked by click and buy with no explanation and I am unable to get in...
  2. P

    SmartTradeFX Refuses Withdrawals

    SmartTradeFX (CATRIEL) has refused my withdrawal on the premise that I was "pinging trading". After 2 weeks and constant repeated submissions for withdrawals I have received no response. Their chat suggested contacting CEO by sending to Attention CEO. After almost a...
  3. B

    SmartTradeFX - BEWARE

    I would highly recommend staying away from SmartTradeFX and choose another Forex broker. This company refused my withdrawal request because they claimed our Managed Account (MAM) took a loan from SmartTradeFX based on a large loss. The reality is SmartTradeFX did not have enough liquidity at the...
  4. D

    SmartTradeFX SCAM

    Hello to every one! I have an account number 2089104625 on SmartTradeFX. I sent Funds Withdrawal Request on August 12, 2014 and till now I still haven't received any funds. After sending them few mails they finally answered (on September 01, 2014) that »management cannot honor my...
  5. Z stopped withdraw

    On Aug 4 I filled a request to withdraw all my remaining balance from my account in Their customer support Catriel told me SOON. Then no response for 10 days. I sent them email again on Aug 14, They said they couldn't find my account. I searched all my emails and finally...
  6. Marinus


    Hi, I'm kinda new @ this (been dabbling with demo accounts with InstaForex, FinFX and SmartTradeFX.) I'm thinking of going real with SmartTradeFX. Any insights/warnings re my money?
  7. C

    Smart Trade Forex/Blue Sea Forex

    I invested money with Smart Trade Forex of Toronto, Ontario. I did so with the money manager Blue Sea Forex. Both organizations have active websites as of this posting. The amount that I invested was $10,000. For a few weeks the account was traded up til it was around $12,500. Then I...
  8. D

    October 16 2012 - SmarttradeFX disabled my Forex trading account.

    About 12 hours ago SmarttradeFX disabled my Forex Trading account. An email to was returned undelivered. The home website SmartTradeFX - Forex | CFD was just now not available. There was just now still an active connection to the trading server, but account is...
  9. A


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