1. F

    Scam Alert :

    Hello, On January 15 i traded CHF pairs on their PRO account and made a gain of more than 40k €. After some hours i received this email: Dear, Re: Cancelled trades on your account – 122498 As you will be aware, recent commentary and action by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) has led to...
  2. S

    Problem Pepperstone cancelled my trades

    Dear All, i've been trading with Pepperstone for some time. On January 15 i was on the right side on CHF move and made a gain of more than 30k. During this day, after closing all my positions, i requested a withdrawal. By the end of the day, as usual, i received the email confirmation of all...
  3. AsstModerator

    CHF Crisis Causes NFA to Considering New Regs - "Nothing is off the table"

    CHF Crisis Causes NFA to Considering New Regs Nothing is off the table. According to, the NFA is considering new regulations. FXCM's need for a $300 million loan to keep itself afloat in the wake of the CHF crisis has gotten the NFA's attention. Because of this, the NFA is...
  4. Vantage FX

    Vantage FX Stands Strong After SNB Fallout

    Sydney – January, 2015 In a move that shocked markets creating unprecedented volatility, the Swiss National Bank ended their 1.20 peg to the Euro. The announcement was unexpected and caught the market by surprise. Australian Forex services provider, Vantage FX, remains in comfortable...
  5. AsstModerator

    Will Your Broker Survive the CHF Move?

    Will Your Broker Survive the CHF Move? Just in case you missed the news, the Swiss National Bank removed their longstanding policy to keep the EUR/CHF from falling below 1.200. The effects on the market were huge. Price moved down quickly and there was little liquidity. Stop losses were...
  6. I

    IKON Group announcement regarding Black Thursday

    As a result of the surprise announcement, on Thursday the 15th January, by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to eliminate its three-year-old cap on the franc (CHF), the global financial markets went into turmoil and some of our Competitors went into insolvency and others suffered substantial losses...
  7. D

    Profited on the USD/CHF by 2000%+

    Hey guys just wanted to show you how lucky I got with my $250 Forex account..
  8. Venelin_HotForex

    HotForex | Update following the SNB CHF Cap Reversal: January 16 2014

    Dear Clients, Following the Swiss National Bank’s decision yesterday to remove the Swiss Franc cap and the subsequent spike in volatility, the market experienced a period of extreme lack of liquidity for trading in CHF pairs. This led to significant losses for many market participants. We...