software piracy

  1. arbiking_epico

    Problem latency arbitrage and pirated version of westernpips

    As we all know the above mentioned company produces automated latency arbitrage trading software. That is sold publicly on a wider scale. That means many forex traders use these software to skim off profits from brokers and then there are those who crack these software and sell it to many more...
  2. mcnjj

    Problem Beware of the ex4mq4 Decompilation Scam Sites

    mq4 decompiling scam site list The fraud method is said to initially request $2500 for decompiling costs, and if you hesitate, you can get a discount by e-mail. If there is no response, I will send you an email several times and send you a decompile...
  3. sloth011

    Problem Kenya Scalper Scammer (Complaint by a banned software pirate)

    Please be aware of someone who goes by the name Stephen Kuria, or Luke Jesse Otwane or Dorothy Koki Mringie, on MQL5 as well as on the internet who tries to sell a supposedly profitable scalper which is a total scam. I have collected some information about this person so you are all away. Names...
  4. amr taha

    New hope expert advisor

    hi all i bought New Hope hidden EA after that i tried to open account on Oanda and Oanda didnt accept to open i call back New Hope to refund and the admin ignore my messages after that i shared New Hope Inside Hidden cracked version then they ban me and blocked my license any help to how get...